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Only Two Days Left, But No Excitement

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Ramadan is going to be end in next two days. Eid never was so excited to me even with family or friends. It stay for short time and only eating and watching TV was only thing we did in childhood days. Sometimes visited relatives but I never found that enjoyable and exciting. Maybe that's my problem. Ramadan doesn’t teaches us to celebrate Eid alone. It feels bad when some celebrating it and poor people need of food, some can't even ask for food because they are shy and have self respect.

Ramadan doesn’t teaches us to eat a lot and ignore hungry people around us. Eid is for all kind of people to share happiness not only celebrating happiness. Things that mostly hurt me is that, rich people get more than one new cloths in this occasion but unfortunately poor people can't even afford a single new cloth. Sometimes rich seems more needy as they buy many more cloths and never show concern to poor.

Just two days left for Eid occasion and as always it going to be a boring one. I'm right now staying in a place where my every breath seems operating by others. Not feeling good and will try my best to stay away from this kind of environment. Physically and mentally really very disturbed. Need some peace and no need excitement. My peace seems destroyed counting days to be out of this environment. People around me seems really very disgusting, I want to be out from this.

In childhood we were not allowed to go out and was in restrictions and now only can move freely when toxic people are away from me. Here every single moment is like hard to breath. Feeling vomiting for bad smell around me. Not sure its my mood swing or things are really very irritating around me. I couldn’t pray properly for this unsuitable environment. When the day is come when I can be back to my place where I can find some peace. Mental disturbance affecting body and I couldn’t focus to do things I want to do.

Reaching people’s expectation is not my aim and when we insisted for this we feel really very disturbed. Anyway, No hope that the upcoming festival will bring good vibes or happiness and excitement ended at the moment I allowed toxic people around me. Its hard to leave before the right time come. People who try to operate others they simply loss the respect and they are the real peace killer.

At the beginning of Ramadan it was really very blessed and I'm going to miss it. Eid is not always bring happiness and excitement for all. Some not happy because they don't have food and cloths and some not happy because their mental peace gone. Only having cloths and food can't bring happiness but we need it to live a good life. These days are need to be pass quickly, I want to go back where I can restore my peace. Hope you all are having a blessed Ramadan and Eid over there.

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