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No Regret For Helping Unthankful People


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Do you know that we human are unthankful animal most of the time in our life? Sometimes even we become unthankful to our Almighty. But sometimes we are thankful too and our unthankful would be not intentional. It happens and we can't find the unthankful person inside us. Sometimes I feel regret that I've helped unthankful people who never missed a chance to underestimated me.

Why I helped? To teach them a lesson that how bad they did to me but I didn’t take revenge and when they ask for help I just did it. Should I regret? Ofcourse not. Helping others is a virtue and Almighty surely appreciate it but the demon inside me poking always that I did the wrong, I shouldn’t help people who doesn’t even deserve. But I'm trying my best to control the demon inside me. We shouldn’t stop being good, if some people around us can't afford to be good to us and that's all I believe.

We hardly remember the good side of people see I'm telling the bad whom I helped but beside underestimating me they often showed love too but I forgot and only remember the way they made me feel down. Maybe I'm unthankful, maybe I'm not. Actually when you do bad to someone 80% and did good only 20%, people going to remember the 80% bad not that 20% good in you. So be good at least 60% that may help others to be thankful to you.

Sometimes I think about my life and I can see that most undeserving people got helped from me. Does my all decision was wrong? My help was not to show off them how generous I'm but to make them realize that how bad they were to me and I didn’t answer back as they deserve. After all I'm a human being and the demon inside me only get satisfaction when I take revenge and its hard to take it under control but thankfully I did it and helped needy people came to me.

No regret but a question mark still inside me and telling me, is this was necessary? Does they don't get more jealous because I've capability to help them? Actually they often underestimated me like I'm their rival and they expressed their jealousy to me many times, all thanks to Almighty that they become needy and came to me for help. And I'm really very lucky to be able to help them. I pray to Almighty that I never ever go to them for help like a needy as they came to me.

Maybe I'm not rich enough financially and I don't have my own house to live but thanks to Almighty that I'm able to help such needy who has their job, own house to live but always have complaint that they don't have a better life and they got jealous with people who doesn’t have their own house, family and government job. They become needy to those who doesn’t have anything except a big heart to help without asking any reason. I'm sure that my help will be forgotten by those unthankful needy people but I shouldn’t regret for having a broad mind and big heart to help.


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