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Need More Money Because...!!!

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Saw many times in life that people change their color instantly when they get money. Money is a life changing but its true we can't buy everything through money but money can help you to get almost everything. Recently realized it from so called own people around. Once I observed and tolerated their misbehavior and today observing their changing color. After observing such things I just decide to make more money not to impress them but to keep a long distance from such kind of so called nearest people.

Why I'm talking about nearest people? More or less you’ve surely experienced having such color changing siblings or blood connected relationships. Nothing to be shocked because money and time change almost everything. Time change priorities and money change social status. But who would love to have such kind of people around whose change color instantly for money? Don't you prefer to keep distance? It really impossible to throw these people from life. These people mostly like to talk about things you don't have in your life, blackmail emotionally and use you when they need.

Just was thinking about earning more money honestly and keep distance from these so called own people. So plan "A" could be having my own space far from them and plan "B" could be migrates to some other foreign country. Both plans need more money and this is the reason behind my need of money. Most shocking thing is that some greedy parents use their children as their life insurance and pressure them for having more money. Probably this is one of the reason many children adopt unfair means to fulfill the need of greedy parents. It may sounds negative or odd but this the reality also found around us.

We all love to lead a good life where there will be good people have no jealousy, no greed and no intention to hurt us. But this is always not possible to have good people around us, unfortunately many people suffer from having toxic people around them and they feel really very helpless to have those toxic relationships. Money can't fulfill their greed but more money certainly can.

It feels really down that we have people around who look for only benefits. Only more money can shut their biggest mouth or help us to keep distance from them when they showed their true colors. If I have such kind of color changing people around me, I prefer keep myself busy making money to create my own space where I don't allow such greedy and jealous people. Being alone for lifetime is better than having these color changing people for money.

A person is valuable until he/she has more money and this is the reality of life as I've experienced. Your empty pocket is only your own concern other people only knows how to make you empty pocket. Better having more money to throw it to them and keep maximum distance. Its not that easy but we need to do it for our wellbeing which no longer a concern of others. Other can poke you for what you don't have and make you realize that how hungry they are for money. Sometimes a lifetime is not enough to fulfil their hunger with more and more money. This is a kind of horrible part in our life.

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