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More Working Opportunities Can Bring More Financial Security

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Do you really think so? I really think so and I've learned enough from my own life. My father was a insurance manager in a reputed company and he only did it in his whole life. His mindset was like he can't do anything except selling insurance. That thinking lead him to a worse life, where there was no money, there was no respect and value left.

You may wonder that what is the relations between money and respect when they are closely related to each other. Whatever, this blog is not about telling life stories but about discussing about trying more opportunities and it really secure our financial status. Honestly I don't want to be among those people who doesn’t try something new and make working opportunity. I've learned enough from life and we all should have 2nd income source.

Sometimes I feel like I'm not trying other working opportunity and fully dependent on online working opportunities. As a result many people thinks I'm jobless and there is no working identity I've. Honestly I really don't care what others thinking. Its true that my all working opportunities are online based but its not a single platform that I'm trying since the beginning.

On the other hand, many of you may believes that focusing to a particular job also can bring financial freedom. Well, it really depends and also a kind of risk because many platform doesn’t ensure your financial status but your continuous work really does. Trying more opportunities at least gives us secure feeling because when a door close for you, another door is already open for you and your finance won't be affected much.

Opportunities when suits us, we should grab it. Like I'm doing writing beside it I'm doing designing. There are some passive income source we can try like photo or design selling site. Those can be extra income source. Crypto currency already opened many platforms and working opportunities though we also can think about run our own working platform that may bring more financial security.

Lecturing on it for now though I've not yet launch my own business. Still working online though online working opportunities make me feel like a Queen because there is none to treat me like a slave and no boss here to order me to work. Here my discussion topic is about second earning opportunity beside our existing working platform. It secure our financial freedom or status.

Its true that many of you already very successful by having one and only platform and being stick and sincere made you secure enough for your personal finance. But I've seen many people feel frustrated and broken when they lost job or experience lose in business. I saw a doctor trying crypto earning platforms and he is creating second or several earning opportunity for him. I really appreciate that doctor because he made the right decision. These days having only one working space is not enough to fulfil our need or the need of consisting many family members. So I really appreciate more working opportunities that ensure our financial security.


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