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Nothing wrong there. We live to be happy so when we can afford why don't we have some money made happiness? Once someone told me that, if I have money I can change mind of almost everyone around me. In my life I'm experiencing too. But depend on how much money we going to spend to buy happiness? No fix amount of it because its all about human need.

Money made happiness may gives temporary happiness but at least it has power to bring happiness and that's something really great. Yesterday I met two very little street kids. A girl nearly five years old with her brother who was an infant provably six months old. No parent around them, I offered some money, the girl was asking for big amount of money so she knows money and value of it at her early age, unfortunately I couldn’t made her happy with big amount and left the place. Here amount was the fact that couldn’t made the little girl happy.

One more experience would like to share is that, there were a beggar man with a little boy was begging outside the food store. I just offered a 50 taka note and left. But later I saw them following me and they seems asking more money from me. Actually I love to give those who stay happy with a little and do not bother others asking many times. Once I found a woman wearing veil, she covered well her body and face, kept silent and sitting beside the road, not disturbing others by asking money but she looks needy so I gave 100 taka note after having it her happiness knows no bound, she was thanking Almighty for sure and this is the deserving person according to me. Feel good when money made others happy even it would be a little amount.

When we donate our hard earned money to the poor it makes us happy so this is also a kind of money made happiness. When we purchase expensive things we may get temporary happiness but that also a kind of money made happiness. Temporary or permanent money has enough power to bring happiness. Sometimes I wonder that how powerful the money is, that can change everything in our favor.

According to philosophy money is the root of all troubles and its a waste but in reality money is power when you know the right use of it. Money brings foods, foods fulfil our hunger and indirectly our tummy experience the money made happiness. Money brings well designed cloths so it brings happiness too. Money bring smile on faces (depend on amount and need) reality of life is money. Some needy becomes happy with $10 and some needy never can be happy even have a $100. So happiness also depend on need and amount of money.

Anyway, these are my random thoughts after experiencing some money made happiness. Honestly money make me happy too but only when I earn it not given by others. Money that given by others make me uncomfortable and honestly I don't allow anyone to give me money for no reason. Wish to make my hand of a giver not a taker. I would love to earn money and that is my money made happiness.

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