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Life Of A Lower Middle Class


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No, I'm not going to talk about the lifestyle of lower middle class but would love to highlight some points they do in their life. And first of all they live for others like family, friends and other dearest one. No one ask them how they manage life just ask for help from them, and they just can't say NO and help with the asset they earn for future crisis or living. Its true that all lower middle class people doesn’t have such generous heart but majority is priority.

A lower middle class father has concern about their children more and sometimes they sleep empty stomach sake of their children. Sad life story of them but hardly people around them pay attention and priority. Even maybe often I also ignore such sacrifices but surely not intentionally. All lower middle class are not same as I've also seen selfish people among them but that a rare case as I said before majority is the priority.

A lower middle class who doesn’t have his own house, own roof over head mostly found helping others nearest people financially because those people are needy even they have a lot but they probably like to sucks people who doesn’t have their own house or own roof over head. People who has their own house and roof over head mostly help people financially for benefits but a lower middle class doesn’t help for benefits, their intention is just to help others nothing else.

A lower middle class give financial support to their own people with five hundred dollars but they think thousands time when they buy something necessary that may cost only fifty dollars. This is the dark side of a lower middle class person. They doesn’t care about their need but when needy people come to them they can't send them back with empty hand because they have the money to support their bad days. This was just a simple example.

Most of the lower middle class people has their strong personality with their self respect and they never regret for having such strong personality. They are lucky because they has no need to ask for anything from people, Almighty directly very much pleased to them and when Almighty is pleased then what else they want? They are already very blessed. How? Asking for help, showing others your need is always keep a needy person forever needy, no one likes them because they can be compared with beggars who beg everyday and their need never end. It may sounds odd but truth is always bitter, and we can't help it.

Doesn’t matter how your class is, if your financial status is indicate that you are a lower middle class that doesn’t mean you can't be a rich. Be rich with a enrich personality which doesn’t allow you to beg for help from others except Almighty. A lower middle class is surely rich by heart because they have a hand of giver not taker. And when a person knows to give, he is already a rich but he shouldn’t have regret of helping others and doesn’t taking help from others. Its an honor itself that a person doesn’t expect help of others and only ask for everything from Almighty who is the true giver and Almighty has everything endless.

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