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It Could Be More Dangerous

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This morning start with a bad incident or you can say an accident. Slipped inside the rest room for slippery floor. These days other rest room users making rules of using it properly when they are making it dirty by leaving their shampoo packets, used tissue paper and so on. This is really disgusting when they lecture about cleaning restroom when they are responsible to make it dirty and unusable.

Today's accident could be more dangerous. My head could be hurt even I could die but my Almighty saved me. So called rule makers saying that we can't use external slipper sake of keep clean the rest room. So when I kept my own slipper their it mostly wet and slippery but who cares? Yesterday it was like a war between two room. I just let them know I want peace and this kind of silly issues doesn’t need to make such big issue.

My problem is to obey others even it may hurt me. I obey because I hate quarreling and don't like living in a place where peace gone. It was good to see people concerned about cleanliness but before telling others better you keep clean right? Its easy to find mistakes of others but you are doing the same mistake but you can't see that you are not fixing that. Really disgusting!

At the moment I slipped It was not that dangerous because it didn’t hurt much but I doubt that later my boons may feel the pain of this accident. Hopefully it won't hurt me later as I'm predicting. But how to teach lesson to those who makes rules for others but doesn’t follow them properly for themselves. I got angry but I can't bark like a dog to spoil peace. It always hurting me to see rules maker as rules breaker. I wish to teach them lesson that they never break rules and before pointing out other's mistake will focus on their own.

My day is disturbed just for this bad incident. People who shout out loud only can teach lesson to these so called rules maker who breaks rule almost all the time in a different way. I hope no one suffer like me, no one slipped for slippery floor of rest room. Need to be more careful next time.

In hostel life we came from different places, some has manners of cleanliness and some don’t have but they at least can respect rules and follow them sincerely but mostly found rules maker not following them sincerely then how they could expect that others will follow them?

Before entering this hostel I've heard that cleaner clean restrooms twice a week but after entering I've learned that cleaner clean it twice in a month. Some so called rules maker bring guest in the hostel and they also misuse restroom as a result we new comer suffer from it. May Almighty save me from such people!


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