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How You React On Movie Actors Using Slang

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How movie actors are in their personal life its none of the business of we public but when the movie actors specially the leading roles using slang language on screen and you are watching movie with family, how does it sounds? Actually I'm talking about Asians and I'm from Asia too and I've no idea how western people act on it or how they react or just used to this, I've no idea so my curious mind looking for the reaction of parents who watch movie with their children. What does our children learn from a movie when the leading role is using slang almost continuously?

Recently I've watched an action thriller movie where the leading role or hero was police and use slug many times when fight with smugglers. There was no adult scene but I have problem with slang and I saw the actor using slag in many movies. Am I react conservative or over reacting on this? Is this normal that an actor using slang with no hesitation? People or kids who follow this kind of actor, what they will learn from this actor? And this is my concern. Many people motivated with the actor's acting but when an actor showing something really bad and public taking this like normal, is there anything positive that I can't see!

Bad activities will consider as bad always, if a good guy with good reputation found doing the bad act, is that bad act will be consider as good because a reputed good guy tried the bad act? I think bad will remain bad even the bad act will ruin the image of the actor. It's my good that I'm not mentioning the movie name and the actor name though there are many actor openly using slang in their movies or series like normal but a true gentleman will surely think twice before sounding slang. Now you can tell that they are doing this because they make the character more natural to the public but there are many movies in the past we can see negative characters didn't use slang but still they get good response from audience as an actor.

Adopting the bad act in movies has a bad impact and impression to audiences like me because I'm against using slang even on screen and acting. What kids will learn from such actors in the movie? Its true that all movies are not family movie but when a under 18 boy or girl watching this will definitely take bad act like normal and will try it in real life which is such a bad impact. You may not agree more but I find this really odd when an actor using slang in a movie or series.

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