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Eid For A Day Or Worth To Celebrate More Days?


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It was the biggest festival yesterday in Muslim community and it was Eid. Mostly known as Eid-ul-fitr. My Muslim friends already familiar to it. Eid day mostly celebrate a day by wearing cloths, having traditional sweets and foods. Many people celebrate it in different way. As a Muslim I also celebrated it. But for me its a celebration of a day but many of us celebrate it three days long or sometimes a week long.

People who loves to celebrate life and afford to spend more money can celebrate such long time. But for poor its a day when they get attention of rich people who broad their heart and hand to help poor. Eid has significance that need to be realize by every Muslim Ummah. This is the time when we can erase the line between poor and rich. We can celebrate our religious festival Eid together where there is no difference amongst people.

Celebration is incomplete when we celebrate it alone but it can bring more happiness when we celebrate together and forget the difference of financial status, forget the difference of cast, color and culture. Many rich do it from their feelings of responsibility and they already had good heart to help poor and help them celebrate biggest festivals. Some rich need to have reminder of it and some rich have no such broad mind to help poor and we can't change their mind set, only Almighty can.

Good work deserves appreciation so whenever I see rich helping poor, I try to appreciate their virtue and they really deserves. A heart of helping others is really very precious and these days it rarely found. For me Eid for just a day when I eat well, dress well and spend time with family but never feel such great thing that only can be found when we help poor and celebrate Eid with them. Television telecast shows full of entertainment but many poor can't afford to celebrate it by wearing new cloths and having good food.

Yesterday when I went for evening outing with my sister and niece and we saw beggars asking for money having no new cloth. Many people says they are beggars by nature because many of them take the advantage of festival to earn extra money. Whatever their mission would be, our aim should be help other to please Almighty. Celebration is not only having good time with good food, entertainment and wearing new cloths, fashionable accessories. Celebration is something that bring smile to many faces.

For me Eid for a day because honestly I can't afford to help all the poor around me but I surely appreciate whoever can afford to help them. Also hope that someday I can afford celebrating festivals more than a day. For now I only can talk about it. My Eid end yesterday with family and now waiting for the day when I can go back to my comfort zone to go back to my work. Its hard to focus on work when different kind of people around me.

Hope my Muslim friends celebrate or celebrating Eid with full enjoyment. Eid Mubarak to them.


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