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Create Working Opportunity Instead Looking For It Around

Its easy to get frustrated instead working on some good initiative that can help us making working opportunity for oneself and also for others. I know its not easy over a night, you need to be brave, you need to be smart and creative. Our frustration ruin our creative mind so try to overcome it. Money making is not an easy task because it needs brain, efforts and time and having these all together sometimes not possible for many.

Things around us can motivate us and we can follow their footsteps at the beginning and later try to do something better and creative. There is no alternative to learning and when we learning particular thing, we become skillful and when we have skill, no one can stop us making money. At the beginning it could be like climbing up on Everest but later you’ll be able to find a way to make working opportunity for you and also for your friends.

When I decide to write this finance related blog I remember one of my friend who was not so educated and she was working as an assistant of a beautician in a beauty parlor. As she was not so educated so she trying to develop her skill in beauty treatment. She got salary for being an assistant and she was learning too. She aim to have her own beauty parlor someday and she start working hard to have a good hand to give beauty treatment, spa and massage. Later she will launch it and hire more people as her assistant as she start working under an expert beautician.


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This was just an example. What we need to do at the very beginning? Just choose the way, you want to walk for long. Set goal, be brave, respect your work, enjoy whatever difficult you are doing, be stick on it with patience, be sincere and honest, do not jump to other choice to try that too. Sometimes we do this mistake and this happen to us because we are impatient about making money and jump to other opportunity and that one also need time and efforts if the opportunity is good for you and others. Feel the passion, if you are not passionate, you have less chances to get success on it.

Making money shouldn’t be the aim at first. Giving your 100% efforts should be your aim. Having expertise should be your priority and success will follow you. Working opportunities doesn’t knock our door until we become pro level or skilled enough in particular field. Sometimes looking for working scopes could be waste of time because you are not yet skillful and you need to join any work as fresher. A fresher is a learner not a good amount of money maker.

So I prefer suggesting my friends and fellows to make opportunity when looking for it a kind of waste of time. A innovative ideas is enough to change your life in a positive way and when you have no money to invest and no working offers available, you can create working opportunity for your own. How? Well, I had no skill when I was a student. I had no computer and no knowledge to operate it. I start working online as content writer and honestly my grammar is poor but that was my turning point of life when freelancing become my career and I start making money. Later I developed my skills to make more money and stop look for jobs. I felt the passion for online jobs like designing and writing. Crypto currencies has a big contribution on my earning and giving freedom to live a better life. I made my own working space and no longer waste time being frustrated and look for job that mostly rule us and treat us like servant. I'm not a financial adviser but I love to motivate youngsters to make money and also making opportunity to make good money.

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