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Conspiracy Almost In Every Working Sector

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As we all know straight trees cut down first and right now I'm feeling like a victim of conspiracy. I'm not scared but upset and disturbed inside because why me? Why people can't see me happy and try to pull down by blaming with fake information. Almighty Allah knows I'm innocent and I'll be. I've no need to explain others that I'm innocent but if those conspirators try to continue pulling me down I'll surely raise my voice.

Whenever I make mistake, I have enough guts to confess them and correct them if possible but it really hurts when people blaming you like you are an accused. Now let me share what happened at midnight that force me to write this article. Actually I'm working with a team last seven weeks and we have great bonding and we all are ladies.

None of us is a conspirator but rival teams and so called pretending investigators trying to pulling down our reputation so they targeted me and team leader of me to blame. We are honest in our way but some people can't digest our good will. We just can't help them. Right now I'm enjoying the show like a audience and didn’t protest yet. Their intention is break our team bonding and also hamper in our good job.

Sometimes we want to ignore but we can't and get disturbed but I don't let them know that I'm disturbed, if they learn that I'm disturbed they will feel like winner and I can't let conspirators win. So better I take time to observe and take necessary steps wisely. I just hope my team members won't misunderstand me and will raise voice in my favor as I deserve to be proof innocent. Its true that some mistakes done by me but my intention was not to do such mistakes. I don't care if I lost my work or opportunity, if I care about something that is about my honor, dignity and respect.

Honest people doesn’t expect reward for their honesty but they at least expect people respect their honesty. Its same about me. Opportunities will knock door time to time and when I've enough quality, I've nothing to worry about job or livelihood but always would love to carry a good image and reputation everywhere. A good image can be spoiled easily but it takes a lot of time to create a good image and impression. Whatever, I just wish someday our working environment will be free from conspiracy and dirty politics and we can enjoy doing our job sincerely and honestly.

What else I should say, I really don't know. I'm speechless and can't accept that I'm a victim of conspiracy and my unwilling mistakes can bring such big trouble to me that may question mark my efforts and honesty. Really very unexpected but surely a big lesson that I've learned.

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