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Being Too Judgmental Can Ruin Your Relationship

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When you can't let things go that paining you all the time, just leave it forever. Don't make excuse and blame to leave just leave until you feel the value of a person and relationship. Being judgmental will bring what for you? When a sorry hard to accept please move on and leave it forever. Mental peace is important for both partners and when you decide to be judgmental and can't accept sorry anymore the relationship doesn’t worth to continue. Just leave it and move on.

Our body parts or organs are important equally but when a part affected we need to cut off that part to save other parts or organs. If a relationship can't bring peace of mind it doesn’t worth to continue. Please leave it and have peace. If you find peace without the relationship you should do it. People in relationship when become judgmental and argue for things already discussed with a sorry doesn’t deserve the relationship.

A good friend or a best friend who can feel our pain instead giving pain only deserve our time and attention. When you are judgmental and continue discussion about the past you doesn’t deserve to continue. You are right and always trying to proof other partner wrong can't carry a good relationship. Your forgiving nature was loved by your partner let them feel they were wrong instead judging them everyday. At the end you'll be alone because you were judgmental and snatched away other's freedom to speak and write what they feel.

In a heathy relationship if you find your own errors and fix them that will be best for a long lasting healthy relationship. Its easy to find out others mistake but difficult to see our own. I made mistake let me apologize, give me time that I realize my mistake but continuously torturing by saying that you are wrong you can't say that, how you can write that? These kind of words can be good excuse to give up from the relationship.

When you are judgmental your partner won't be sorry for his/her mistake but surely will be sorry for being with a person who can't be even a good friend who can understand the situation and psychology of their partner. Many men after getting married poke wife to talk about their past and this way that husband lost his own respect and the wife stop respecting the husband from heart. So let the past go and make the future good. Live the present which we spoil mostly either talk about past or talk about future but both are worthless. Live today and let others live with peace, when you can't bring peace, just take a break to rethink about relationship. We make it complicated and blame other partner as a result break up is the result of it.

Break up is better than continue a painful relationship where everyday someone reminding you that he/she is honest for you, doing compromise and sacrificing for you, loyal for you, already tolerated you, already forgave you many times, you are not good, you have no freedom of saying and writing random thoughts about life. When you are kind, honest and loyal let your partner feel it. If your partner is unable to feel it, never stop having good qualities because you should know that you are good and able to forgive others. No need to forget but at least forgive for saving your own peace. Sometimes its hard to forget and forgive and for healthy relationship forgive and forget need to have or else the relationship can be ruined.

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