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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wearing Mask


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Corona pandemic taught us a lots of things amongst all wearing mask is the most important one. There are many benefits of wearing mask. Its good for the safety as it helps us in many ways. Today my discussion topic will be mask and how it helped me many times in real life and I believe you also experienced such benefits like mine.

Our face is our identity as we know our body parts almost same and our face is the only unique body part which carries our identity. People whoever loves to hide their identity and has privacy concern can hide face by wearing mask. Mask help us from pollution like air pollution, dust in the air and so on. Mask helps us from bad eyesight of people like many people sometimes stared to us like we are alien not human being. Mostly women face this kind of situation so mask can be a protection for our face. So its a biggest benefit of mask.

Mask help us to ignore known people who talked too much and waste our time. So we can avoid them easily by wearing mask. Sometimes its hard to ignore people we want to ignore mask can help many of us in this way though many people identify us even we wear a mask So it has no guarantee that mask always can save us in this way.

Our face is a very sensitive area and softer than other body parts so mask can help to take care of our soft face and mask can give protection from sunshine that sometimes can burn our skin. Mask save us from the angry sun. The most impressive thing about mask for me is hiding oneself. No one can see our face and we can save time when we go out for several purpose. People who loves to show their beauty in public, mask is not for them.

Now I'll highlight some disadvantages of wearing mask. Actually thieves and robbers wear mask before stealing or robbery things so many people do not respect wearing mask but mask has different types so we can wear common mask available in public. Surgical blue mask became famous in this corona pandemic so we can keep continue wearing this mask.

As I told face is our identity so sometimes people who need to recognize us doesn’t recognize and this could be a disadvantage of wearing mask but put off mask can be a solution too. Many people has breathing difficulties and can't breath well when wear mask so this is another disadvantage of it. But advantages are many where disadvantages are few so I would like to go for the positive sides of wearing mask.

These were my personal opinion or you can say random thoughts about mask. Personally I love to wear mask and I appreciate this good practice. What about you?

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