Life Changing - Log #25 Shimmering Light Rock Bottom

By PajeeBear | Life Changing | 21 Oct 2019


When you have experienced rock bottom you know that things tend to get worst and worst. And so when you have moved up the ladder of growth, whenever there's a bump on the road, you know that it's just really small compared to what you have been through. And so your mind set's a standard, standard you can always you look back. It's the lowest standard you ever reached.

At a very young age I know what rock bottom is. By the time I reached seven years old, I knew what small business we had that time is lost due to mismanagement and customers who failed to pay debts. I used to get what I wanted, way before the downfall. And then suddenly my parents struggled to bounce back. Looking back, those life changing moments taught me to be tough.

I remember how mother used to managed our consumption. By cooking porridge instead of fully cooked rice. She managed to extend one cup for a whole day consumption.We had no electricity and so we just settle on kerosene lamp at night. We use wood for fire in the kitchen when we cook. The hardest part I can remember, is fetching water from Artesian well few blocks away from our house. We had no water supply connection as we can no longer afford to get one.

The only good thing about it, was the feeling of freedom. Living in the province has given me perks one cannot be enjoyed freely by those who live in cities. I can see that now. Our house is situated in an area blessed with natural resources. So at times, we just grow our own food,raise chickens and what I enjoy the most is the walking distance away from the beach.Yes the beach. Me and my friends, define fun by catching fish and searching for seashells.It's very satisfying thing to do. During low tides we would manage to get seaweeds, crabs, and sometimes octopus. Then we wait till dusk and wait for the sun to set. The orangey red glimmer turning into a calm dark blue night had been my inspiration for growth. The distant horizon inspired me to question myself, what else could I become?

I have come to realize that even in our deepest downfall, there is still beauty for us to behold.I knew that, and I came to believe that to be true. Rock bottom is a dark place but when a ray of hope glimmers. It glimmers like no other. If you are going through something right now and reading this.I hope to give you a slight inspiration. Give yourself more credit that you have been given by others


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Life Changing
Life Changing

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