Life Changing - Log #22 Acculturation - Adaptability Of Surroundings

By PajeeBear | Life Changing | 2 Oct 2019


Once in our life, we encounter people who we take as our mentor.

Because they were willing to share and impart their knowledge with no expectation in exchange.I am lucky enough to have met couple of people like that. If you haven't encountered someone like that, I hope you will.

She was my direct manager in my previous company I worked for. She majored in linguistic psychology, and I guess that's one of the many reasons she knew exactly how to deal with her subordinates.She was a black belt in Lean Six Sigma and taught us the very basics of handling client and management.All that shared because she somehow want us to be well equipped in time that we look for growth within or somewhere else. Her name is Marie, she shared her life stories and life changing moments that I wanted to do the honor of sharing some that I remember. Marie graduated abroad in NYU and you can see confidence in her when she talks. I guess it matters, because if you are from Philippines and you graduated abroad, there's a higher possibility of getting hired by companies immediately. But let's not talk about competence but rather those tiny little details that have impacted her life in which she had shared to us.

Marie migrated to US and stayed in her cousins. The culture must have been a bit shocking. Although Philippines,has adapted a couple of western customs. There are still certain things new to her. Like in the PH, people can usually see mini stores anywhere, while in the US, there are just called Corner Stores and they located mostly in the corner hence the name. LoL Marie had to work part time too. Someone who have not tried doing work in their home country must work for herself in another country and learn the value of Independence.

There's one life story she shared with us that made me evaluate where I was at the time.She was one day tried to cook for herself, a local delicacy. If I remember correctly, it was some kind of dried fish that she was frying. You know the smell of fried dried fish may not be as welcoming as it is for other cultures compared to Asian folks who must have adapted it's scent.And so their neighbor called the police. They thought someone must have done something awful next door with that awful smell.And so the health security or something similar went to her house. In the PH, authorities cannot simply enter a private house without a search warrant.And it seems it's particularity different in the US. The police went inside looking where the smell is coming from.Marie was then still few months stay in the US and was wondering what is going on. She can see the two officers sniffing around in disgusted facial expression.Marie innocent at what's happening even offered the cooked fried dried fish. She could see the horror in the face of the two officers.She was then lectured on the do's and dont's. Marie learned that one culture still have many inconspicuous differences. It made a difference to her perception then on.Just like the old adage said, "when you are in Rome, be a Roman."


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Life Changing
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