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By niallon11 | Life @niallon11 | 10 Aug 2020


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Winning isn’t always coming first. There are many ways to win in life and not all of them have to come at the expense of others.


In sport there can only be one winner for every title. They give out a gold medal to the person who comes in first but there is a podium built for three. There is room for multiple winners and it can be argued that there doesn’t have to be any losers in that situation.

While only one person can take home the gold medal and be the champion of that discipline you can win by getting to the final. There are many different disciplines. You can race in multiple different lengths, formats, adaption’s of a race.

We aren’t all in direct competition with other runners. We are all trying to get to the same place and there is more than one spot at the finish line. You can win by beating your personal goals, expectations or records. Every time that you go out and compete you can make that a win. Some people never even get to that point. Some people never even try to play.

Crypto has an attitude that I have noticed where everybody wants to win at the expense of all the rest. The want to get that gold medal but rather than just get over the finish line first, they seem to want to eliminate all the competition before the line. I don’t get that attitude.

Sure I love to win but where is the fun without good competition. It’s that competition for places that drives the level of the sport. That push to win that makes you go harder and faster because if you don’t then you will be overtaken.

Even the toughest competitors need others to train and improve with. Before competitions they run against each other in private to see how good they really are. They study each other’s practises and take what is good to adapt for their own.

Even in competition there is co-operation. The best athletes grow as a group and not just on their own. The real difference is in the last few yards. Those extra minutes put in when everybody else has finished. Those little sacrifices to put everything into the competition. That is what makes champions out of the winners.

As the underdogs in finance and technology, blockchains should be trying to build together rather than tear each other down. There is a lot of room at that finish line which we can all reach with some help and competition. We should drive each other to new and greater heights. We should work together and copy what works from each other. There huge room for growth out there and no need to fight over scraps. Together we are competitive but on our own we are all shouting into the void.

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