Financial Aid Assistance From The Government Due To The Nationwide Total Lockdown (PAG-IBIG, SSS & DOLE)

Financial Aid Assistance From The Government Due To The Nationwide Total Lockdown (PAG-IBIG, SSS & DOLE)

Cash Loan and Financial Assistance from the Philippine Government Agencies

This will somehow help us during this time of crisis because most of us in the working class are not able to go to work during this Lockdown. It started with a Community Quarantine which led to its Enhanced status after a few days then eventually lead to the Mainland of Luzon Lockdown and gotten worse and turned out declaring that we are already under the State Of Calamity. Worst, the Government has already declared a Nationwide Total Lockdown. Ensuring the safety of the Filipino people, I certainly believe that this is the best way to protect all of us from being infected of the Corona Virus (CoViD-19).

This Post is just an update from what I have shared from Steemit earlier and making sure that I get myself updated because a lot of people have also asked questions to me and I felt that need to take this responsibility giving them the correct information to maximize the help that I could provide.

My Steemit Post That I Shared Originally

We all need to stay at home during this crisis to prevent getting ourselves infected and the number of cases rise. So the these agencies from the Government also provided easy steps for us to process the loan and the financial aid from each of them.


We need to download the forms from the official website: (Below are clickable links that open in a new window)

Multi Purpose Loan Application Form - PDF Downloadable File

Calamity Loan Application Form - PDF Downloadable File

The good thing about what PAG-IBIG did is that we no longer need to print this out anymore by going to a computer shop and have these documents printed for us to fill out.

We also don't need to sign these documents. Just save the filled out form as a PDF format.

Send the PDF file via email to you company HR, authorized company representative, or Fund Coordinator along with (1) valid ID and the front and back images of your Loyalty Card Plus, or Landbank, UCPB or DBP cash card. (Take a photo of your ATM card payroll where you receive your salary if it's your first time to request for a loan)

The company HR, authorized representative, or Fund Coordinator shall e-mail the following to the Pag-IBIG Fund email address designated for your area:

1. Your loan application and requirements

2. The filled-out ‘Employer Confirmation of STL Application’ bearing your name. Your authorized company representative or Fund Coordinator can download this fillable form via this link: Employer Confirmation of STL Application Fillable PDF

Note: Please download an Adobe Acrobat Reader to use the Fillable Forms.

3. Then send all of these to the designated email addresses according to where your Site is located:


This is the Official Page of PagIbig in Facebook as my source of info.

Just wait for the acknowledgement receipt (3 days after the date of filing) and wait for the funds to be forwarded to your ATM after 12 days. 15 days turn around time all in all.


A lot of people are asking if they have existing loans (most probably it is the Multi-Purpose Loan) will they be able to qualify for a Calamity Loan? The answer is YES! As long as you have 24-months contributions and still be able to provide the requirements. This is the computation you will receive from PAGIBIG: How Much Could I Borrow!

Really thankful to the Government with this! I must say.


Department Of Labor and Employment (DOLE)

A fixed 5,000 Cash For all laborers who are not able to come to work because of the Enhanced Community Quarantine which is now elevated to a Total Lock-Down.



This is just a one-time financial assistance and could really help us a lot at this time.

This Executive Branch which helps and regulates the jobs here in the country has allocated a 1.3 Billion Pesos budget to help us out who are unable to go to work because of the Luzon-Wide Lockdown.

Under DOLE’s Order No. 209, series of 2020 or “Guidelines on the Adjustment Measures Program for Affected Workers due to Coronavirus Disease 2019”, this means everyone who is employed in Luzon especially in the Metro Manila Area (NCR) will get this assistance. Please note that an individual should be currently employed when these funds are released. It is stated as “safety net program that offers financial assistance support to affected workers in private establishments that have adopted flexible work arrangements or temporary closure during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

5,000 Pesos as a lump-sum shall be given to all employees regardless of employment status (i.e. regular, probationary and contractual). The best part here is that it is not even a Loan that should be deducted to our monthly pay-out.

Easy Steps To Apply:

  • We should contact our employers and avail for this financial assistance. Our company should belong to the Micro, Small or Medium Enterprises.
  • The HR Compensation and Benefits should provide the Establishment Report on the COVID-19 pursuant to Labor Advisory No. 9, Series of 2020.
  • Company Payroll for the month upon the implemented flexible work arrangement or temporary shut-down/closure.

Turn-Around Time:

  • Two-weeks (a notice of completion shall be issued to the affected establishment within 3-business days upon receipt from the HR.
  • The assigned DOLE Regional Office staff shall issue the financial support as funds directly to our (as employees) account thru bank transfer. 5,000 Pesos should already be credited after 12 days upon filing.

Source of Information: DOLE Financial Aid Program

Please coordinate with your HR and let them know about this because they are the one who will connect to the Department of Labor and Employment. All we need to do it wait. Right now, our company has already applied and we are just waiting for the DOLE's approval and it was stated that the funds will just be forwarded to our ATM cards.


Social Security System (SSS)

The average unemployment benefit is about P11,000 while the maximum cash benefit is P20,000, SSS Senior Vice President and Chief actuary Edgar Cruz assured.

The benefits are only for those who are directly affected by No-Work, No-Pay Status during this on-going Luzon-wide lock-down which started from Community Quarantine last March 13, 2020 - Friday.

Premium members who are infected with the Corona Virus itself will also get up to 120 days salary of up to 600 pesos per day if the member has a 20,000 pesos and above salary bracket.

For us who are just staying at home but still currently employed it will only be 30 days multiplied to 600 pesos for the basic salary bracket of 20,000 Pesos and above. It is roughly 18,000 Pesos.

We can download the SSS Calamity Loan from

Step 1:


Step 2:


Screenshots credit to my friend/office-mate named Jerda as we can't access the SSS official website. Thanks to you.

At least 3 years of the minimum monthly contribution should have been paid to qualify, the agency said, adding that 12 of which should be within the last 18 months.

Send the filled out forms with a photo of your ID to Compensation and Benefits Section.

Check this YouTube video by Erwin Tulfo during his interview with an SSS Director who answered all the major questions that might help all of of us in any way:

Information Source for SSS article

I hope that this write-up will be able to help a lot of people who really need this financial help just. Since transactions will just be purely online, I am hoping that a lot of us will still follow the Government's announcement to just stay at home since all of these will just be purely online.


Another good news is that our pro-rated 13th month pay should now be given within this period of the lockdown because it has already been declared as well. Please coordinate with your HR regarding this one if you are still currently employed.

All we need to do is just follow and stay at home. Let's protect ourselves.

At this time of crisis and epidemic the best person to help us is just ourselves.

Hoping that the Corona Virus will now just have its natural death.

Thank you for reading my post and see you next time!

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