The unstoppable race of Splinterlands! DEC, SPT, SPS, Active Users

By libertycrypto27 | Libertycrypto27 | 21 Jul 2021

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Splinterlands continues its unstoppable race and today reached a marketcap of 34,650 Mil.
This is a truly exceptional result!
It is an exceptional result for all Splinterlands players and in particular for early adopters who see the value of their card collection increasing day by day.

It is an exceptional result for Hive and its users because Splinterlands with its success contributes to advertise and promote Hive.




It's an exceptional result for those who, like me, strongly believe that blockchain-based games are the future of videogames.
I am convinced that the overtaking of blockchain-based games over centralized games will happen even if it will take some more time.

If the Splinterlands marketcap graph looks more and more like one side of a steep mountain the native token of the Splinterlands game does exactly the same and continues to grow in value.




And to think that only a few months ago the value of DEC tokens was much lower.
On March 11, 2021 in fact 1 DEC token was worth 0.00192 HIVE = $ 0.00068




Also the graph was very different from the current one




Who in March continued to strongly believe in Splinterlands and its potential and bought DEC tokens at a very low price today made a very good profit.

Today 20 July 2021 the value of a DEC token is 0.00152$ (Highest Bid on Hive Engine).




In just over 4 months the increase in value has been + 123.53%.




Also the cards of Splinterlands had an incredible increase in value.

In the image below you can see the end of season reward I received on November 15, 2019.
It was my second reward I've received since joining the game.




The highest value card I found was Javelin Thrower whose value was $0.09.

Today the lowest selling price of Javelin Thrower on the market is $0.79 (70 cents more).




The lowest price for BCX is 0.47$ in case you want to buy Javelin Thrower level 8 which is the result of combining 115 cards: total value 53.95$.




If we take instead Goblin Mech that was purchasable at 0.02$ the increase in value is even more marked.
Anyone who wants to buy a single Goblin Mech card (level 1) today has to spend $0.880, $0.86 more than on November 15, 2019.




What most differentiates Splinterlands from many other blockchain-based games on the market today is its ability to offer players many ways to earn money even disconnected from the game itself.
For example, those who write a post on Splinterlands, publish it first on Hive and then publish it on any other social network receive a vote from Splinterlands (max two votes per week).
Depending on the quality of the post you can easily recover the cost of registration of $ 10 in 2-4 weeks and only by participating in weekly contests Splinterlands.
In addition, whoever publishes a post with Splinterlands topic on Hive has the possibility to also receive second level tokens from Hive that are called SPT and that have been created by Splinterlands to reward players who, in addition to playing games, publish and write content on Splinterlands.

For example, my last post on Splinterlands received an amount of SPT tokens of about 1809 SPT.

Today July 20, 2021, 1809 SPT are worth 3.96 HIVE = $1.05




At the end of the month, the airdrop of Splinterlands governance tokens will start: the SPS tokens (BSC tokens).
It will not be an airdrop like many others because it will last for about a year and the tokens will be distributed on a daily basis according to the score obtained by each player resulting from the sum of the points indicated in the following table.


image.pngScreenshot from the site:


If you want to have an estimated value of the SPS tokens you will receive you can use the useful calculator of the site




I'll end this post with a graph of the number of active Splinterlands users, which is like all the other values in the graphs above, growing.


image.pngScreenshot from the site:


I hope you liked this post and thank you for reading and taking the time to read it :)

You're not a Splinterlands player?




Splinterlands is a beautiful game and it has proved to be a very good investment (at least until now) and if you participate regularly to the weekly contests organized by the @splinterlands account you will recover the registration cost (10$) in few weeks.
If you decide to register, you can do it from this link: course if you'd like to use my refferal link.... :)


Any game that allows the purchase of cards and tokens is never a simple game but is also an investment and should be considered as such.
I am not a financial advisor and if you decide to invest in the game of Splinterlands you do it for your own choice and at your own risk.


Unless otherwise indicated, the images in this post are screenshots taken from the sites:
Images containing calculations and formulas are my property
The font used in my images or edited by me is Open Source

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I love life and freedom. The freedom to live in respect for yourself and others. I love the philosophy behind blockchains and I dream of a decentralized world.


I love life and freedom. The freedom to live in respect for yourself and others. I love the philosophy behind the blockchains and dream of living in a decentralized world.

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