Finally I'm a Millionaire!

By libertycrypto27 | Libertycrypto27 | 24 Aug 2021

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Finally I'm a Millionaire!

Yes it's really true! It's not a fantasy or a dream of mine I really became a Millionaire.
Obviously I'm not talking about a million euros or dollars but I'm referring to the amount of STARBITS tokens I have in my Hive Engine wallet (




I reached this goal ten days ago (August 14) but I was on vacation so today I wanted to share my satisfaction for having reached what has always been my main goal within the Rising Star game.

The STARBITS Millionaire card

Those who read my posts on Rising Star know well the reason why I chose to follow this goal: the Card STARBITS Millionaire.




There are 1533 active players in the Rising Star game.




Out of 1533 active players only 187 have the Starbits Millionaire card and I am one of the 187 lucky owners :)




The requirements to receive the STARBITS Millionaire card are as follows:

  • have one million STARBITS tokens on the Hive Engine wallet
  • to have earned all or part of the STARBITS tokens from the game activity.

According to the second requirement it is not possible to get the STARBITS Millionaire card by simply buying 1 million STARBITS tokens on Hive Engine and my satisfaction is even greater because I earned 1 million STARBITS tokens only from my gaming activity.




The STARBITS Millionaire mission

My STARBITS Millionaire card grants me a great advantage: access to the STARBITS Millionaire mission.
I can complete one mission per day and receive a fixed prize of 10000 STARBITS per day.

Based on the current value of STARBITS tokens (August 24, 2021), 10000 STARBITS tokens have the value of 3.8 HIVE = $1.93.




Before I had the STARBITS Millionaire card I could earn an average of 3000 - 4000 STARBITS per day while now I have an earning potential of 13000 - 14000 STARBITS per day.

How soon did I reach the STARBITS Millionaire token?

I started playing Rising Star in August 2020, so it took me about a year to earn 1 million STARBITS tokens.

I could have easily reached this goal sooner, but I almost never completed all the missions I could have done, so I never fully used all the energy points I had.

In order to reach 1 Million STARBITS tokens I completed over 2100 missions.
My favorite missions were:

  • Shopping Mall Performance (729 missions completed).

  • Local Mini Tour Support (252 missions completed)

Tips for new players to speed up the path to one million STARBITS tokens

Those who have chosen and want to reach one million STARBITS tokens can follow the following tips that, according to my experience, allow to speed up the path towards the achievement of one million STARBITS tokens.

Tip Number 1: Buy useful cards to increase the energy available in a day

On Rising Star, there is an energy bar that recharges from 0% to 100% in just over 8 hours.




In a 24 hour day you can use a total of about 300% energy.
With 300% energy you can only do, for example, 3 Local Mini Tour Support missions per day.
The Pizza Slice and Pizza Box cards allow you to have more energy every day.

+ energy = + missions completed per day





I bought in the first few months of play:

  • 5 Pizza Slice cards
  • 2 Pizza Box cards

Tip number 2: Use the Record Staking section of Rising Star




On the way to a million STARBITS tokens, keeping unused tokens is not the right choice.
Rising Star's Record Staking section allows you to use STARBITS tokens and get passive income in STARBITS tokens.

Thanks to the use of the Record Staking section I gained in a completely passive way 110389 STARBITS tokens




New scenarios and new goals

Thanks to the STARBITS Millionaire card and the STARBITS Millionaire mission I will have 10000 more STARBITS every day.

Now I have to decide how to use this new and additional daily income:

  • use it in the Music Promotion section to get STARPRO tokens
  • use it to buy one pack of Rising Star cards per day
  • use it in the Record Staking section to have a passive income in STARBITS tokens
  • use it to make Power Up on Hive or to buy second level Hive tokens like VIBES tokens.
  • use it in the Crafting section to get tool cards
  • use it to buy selected cards from Rising Star marketplace
  • ...

I have so many possibilities because STARBITS tokens have so many use cases.
I haven't decided what to do yet and I will share my choices in my subsequent Rising Star posts.
In the meantime, I bought a first pack of cards.




Rising Star = Play 2 Earn!

I hope you enjoyed this post and I thank you for reading and taking the time to read it :)

You are not a Rising Star player?


If this is the first time you've heard of Rising Star I'll tell you in brief what it is.


Rising Star is a fun and easy to play game.

The purposes of the game is to create a music band and become a music star.

Rising Star is a game that I have classified as "No Risk" because it does not require any kind of initial investment!


image.pngImage owned by @libertycrypto27- Font used is Open Source


  • Requirements: You must have an account Hive
    If you don't have a Hive account you can create it easily and in a few steps.
    I wrote a short tutorial where I explain how to do it: HIVE: Registration and First Login with PeakD
  • Login mode: only Hive Keychain.
    • Hive Keychain for Brave or Chrome (Link)
    • Hive Keychain for Firefox (Link)

Want to know 6 reasons why you should play Rising Star?

Read the following post:




Rising Star is a game that I recommend to everyone!


Thanks for reading and if you like, follow me to read my future posts on Rising Star;)

If you decide to register at Rising Star, you can do it from this link:

of course only if you like to use my refferal link... :)


A selection of my previous posts on Rising Star (in chronological order)





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I love life and freedom. The freedom to live in respect for yourself and others. I love the philosophy behind blockchains and I dream of a decentralized world.


I love life and freedom. The freedom to live in respect for yourself and others. I love the philosophy behind the blockchains and dream of living in a decentralized world.

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