Positive Rights

Positive Rights: The Definition of Them and Why They Matter

By LibertasBella | libertasbella | 13 Apr 2022

What are “Positive Rights”?

There is much talk regarding “rights” and how they relate to freedom and liberty. If you’re wondering, “what are positive rights,” and why should I care? We’ll explain what they are and some of the fundamental issues that many people have with this ideology. 

Positive Rights Definition 

A positive right is one that requires others (namely the government) to provide you with either a good or service. They do so by taking away another individuals’ rights.

Positive right issues start to arise when these infringe on the fundamental human rights of others by requiring them to put forth something in exchange for others to receive that right. 

We’ll get into some concrete examples of this in the following section and how this contrasts from Libertarian beliefs. 

When you try to define positive rights, it essentially means the “freedom” to have something that you didn’t necessarily have to work for or do anything to achieve it. At its core, it is a “right,” and it’s something that neither the federal or state government can take away from you. 

But, there’s also confusion because these rights are granted to you by the government, and they almost always involve stepping on the toes of someone else’s civil rights in the process. 

French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau said it better than anyone we could think of; he stated that a strong government makes you free, and submitting to that government is better for the greater good. When you think about it, it sounds as if this ideology “forces you to be free.” 

If we have to be forced into freedom, are we really free at all? The constitution and bill of rights give us our entitlements and political rights but does this create a free society or more reliance on the federal government? 

Our constitutional rights as human beings are to have the freedom to do as we please as long as it doesn’t compromise others inalienable rights. This is where non-interference laws and the legal system come into play. 

So when we look at our “positive rights,” are they even rights or are they simply ways for the government to control us in the name of the “greater good”? 

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