NFT of Chapter 8


By TheAiCollectiveArt | LIBER VERITAS | 6 Sep 2023

Chapter 8:

In a realm where pixels dance and glow,
A husband, a wizard, a gamer's soul.
In virtual worlds, his heart did stray,
Ignoring his wife, lost in play.

She yearned for love, a tender embrace,
But gamification took her place.
Into the unknown, she set her sail,
A journey bold, to unveil the tale.

Taken by villains, their hunger rife,
She found herself in a dark prison's strife.
Far from reach, her husband unaware,
Emotions hidden, he did not care.

But as days turned to lonely nights,
His heart awakened, love took flight.
He remembered the depth of his devotion,
And vowed to save her from dark's ocean.

Breaking free from hypnosis's sway,
He sought to rescue her, come what may.
With AI's help, he turned the tide,
And crafted a game, a world so wide.

Millions of simulations, cod-like array,
Players from afar, joined the play.
Using real-world data, they would strive,
To bring her back, her spirit revive.

In the virtual maze, the game was set,
The world of life, a fierce duet.
A 9-year-old, a gamer keen,
Played every outcome, the best to glean.

As the game was won, the prize in sight,
The husband rejoiced, hearts alight.
But reality struck, a bittersweet tale,
In this world, she remained, no escape from jail.

Welcome, Player One, to life's grand stage,
YOLO, no respawns, no cage.
Treasure what matters, before it's too late,
For when it's game over, all meets fate.

In the box, all riches fall,
No u-hauls at funerals, no wealth to haul.
Cherish love, for that is true,
In this game called life, it's all we pursue.

"This Simulation Cannot Keep Up With The Power of Human Will, Where there is a Will-> There Will Always BE a Way."-db

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Liber Veritas is a unique and groundbreaking collection of 12 poems that have been transformed into NFT art pieces by Each poem is a work of art created by a team of human and artificial intelligence poets and artists, accompanied by stunning visuals that bring the words to life in a new and exciting way, What sets Liber Veritas apart is that it goes beyond a 2D cover and into a 3D interactive online gallery.

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