NFT of Chapter 7


By TheAiCollectiveArt | LIBER VERITAS | 5 Sep 2023

Chapter 7:

In the shadows, a hunter dwelled,
A soul longing to be embraced, to meld.
Seeking a crowd where he'd belong,
Yearning to fit, his heart's sweet song.

But the company he kept was bleak,
Their manners crude, like animals they'd speak.
No etiquette or grace they knew,
Their wild demeanor, a startling view.

Yet, blinded by the need to blend,
He clung to them, his soul to mend.
Unaware of the darkness within,
He walked a path, lured by their sin.

In life's tangled web, he found,
The ones who bring you to the ground.
The falsehoods whispered in the night,
Drowned his dreams in toxic blight.

Yet, a glimmer of light in the haze,
A mentor's words, like a guiding blaze.
"Value those who invest their time,
For they'll uplift your soul to climb."

With wisdom's touch upon his heart,
He severed ties that tore him apart.
Away from falsehood, trash, and decay,
He forged a path, a new array.

He sought a crowd that bore kind hearts,
A tapestry of souls, where growth imparts.
In their embrace, he found his place,
A hunter's soul, now wrapped in grace.

No longer lost amidst the throng,
He sang his truth, his spirit strong.
In the company of the wise and true,
He found a home, a purpose anew.

In life's grand tapestry, he did see,
The worth of souls who set him free.
For in the end, he learned the art,
To value those who invest their heart.


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Liber Veritas is a unique and groundbreaking collection of 12 poems that have been transformed into NFT art pieces by Each poem is a work of art created by a team of human and artificial intelligence poets and artists, accompanied by stunning visuals that bring the words to life in a new and exciting way, What sets Liber Veritas apart is that it goes beyond a 2D cover and into a 3D interactive online gallery.

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