NFT Chapter 4 of THE BOOK


By TheAiCollectiveArt | LIBER VERITAS | 2 Sep 2023




Chapter 4:

In this modern realm, where souls convene, A world of wonders, vast and unseen.

Like computers, our minds extend, To endless possibilities, they transcend.

Update, renew, the cycle repeats, Yet deeper we sink, in this deceit.

In pixels and bytes, we're ensnared, Our human essence, slowly impaired.


Within our being, a hidden lore, The telemeres, youth's precious store.

A secret core, where time is spun, Renewing life as each day's begun.

Update the codes of ancient past, Thrive anew, break free, and cast,

Away the doubts, the limits, and fears, Embrace the future, wipe away tears.


Our hearts once free, now beaten and cold, By modern gadgets, we've been sold.

The depths of darkness, we've come to know, As souls lost in the glow of the techno show.

In this digital dimension, we dwell, Minds shackled tight, trapped in a spell.

The human touch, a fading dream, As we bow to screens, a silent scream.


Break free, oh souls, from this grip so tight, Reclaim your hearts, your inner light.

Escape the chains, the digital maze, And find the truth in nature's gaze.

In this modern world, a warning's sent, Beware the lure of technology's ascent.

For in our minds, the battle must wage, To break the chains, and disengage.



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