XRP Fork Support (yes!) + Bonus Rates and Future Forks (maybe!)

By Lgrt | Lgrt | 12 Sep 2020



We are pleased to inform you that Cred will be supporting the currently planned December fork for XRP program holders that have an active program with Cred! Cred XRP program holders will be able to claim one free Spark token for each XRP they hold on December 12th, currently the day the snapshot is scheduled. As a personal thank you to the XRP community for its support, Cred is also increasing the XRP interest rate to 5% for its next sweep. Be sure to set up a new program by September 14 to take advantage of this special!


While we wish we could support all forks in the future, we cannot guarantee this will be the case. Supporting a fork requires a thorough review of technical, safety, liquidity, and timing factors and we want to ensure that all of these factors are evaluated before we make a determination. Taking this approach will help us ensure we can deliver on the commitments we make to you. Our agreement with you has been amended to clarify our practice of generally not supporting forks. We will notify you if we do decide to support additional forks in the future.


We appreciate your support and thank you for being a part of our Cred community.

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