NFTs time to shine

NFT artists will have their moment in the sun

If NFT afficionados are the organic matter which has served as the guardians of the Nonfungible Token realm they better brace themselves for the onslaught of the rocks, minerals and metals, you know, the inorganic matter.

I’ve heard all of the ‘NFT Originals’ in the Clubhouse rooms pontificating over the increasing wave of interest in their niche and beloved artform from newbies. It’s all so, festering, so unnatural.

And maybe it is.

However, it’s nice to see those who have spent years in the early development era of digital art coming to the fore, being hailed and celebrated as the guardians of the space that they are.

Pretty soon the NFT industry (yes I said industry) will be awash with people who will clam to have been there from the start and it’ll be hard to tell the real from the not so real.

Densetsuno Leo Gami is one of the real ones.


Tea Before Brunch recently caught up with the multifaceted artist and all around creative to salute the growth his platforms are experiencing. He clearly understands the underlying persona, spirit and essence of the ‘NFT Originals’. In short he gets it, the current wave, the resulting residue, everything.

We also wanted to know what was coming next.

Densetsuno Leo Gami has already seeing impressive growth with the @NFT_Community  on Instagram, but what else was he working on and how dd he see this space evolving?

“We do have a NFT drop coming,” He admits.

Adding: “We haven’t got a date for the drop just yet but we are putting a collection together which is going to be a combination of work that I have done in the past and one new piece which I am minting, to find out more about the drop follow me on Instagram @LeoGami and also follow @NFT_Community.”

So how did he get into the game?

“My career in art started about seven years ago. I had my first exhibition in the American Embassy.


“I then co-founded a gallery platform with a few of my friends and we put on a series of exhibitions, one of those was in the Tate called Impact Of Africa. We also did an unveiling of never seen before pictures of Bob Marley taken by actress and entrepreneur Esther Anderson which we hosted at the Hospital Club in London.

“Off the back of that I started a digital gallery on Instagram which was called digital artists portal where I was posting all of my favourites artists pieces of work and then last year I started hearing a lot more noise about NFT’s.

“I didn’t understand everything that was happening but in January I had an epiphany which is when I changed the name of my platform to NFT_Community.”

At the time of doing this interview Densetsuno Leo Gami’s @NFT_Community had just under 3000 followers, three days later it had doubled in size.

So how does he see things going moving forward, clearly he doesn’t believe this is a fad, his numbers suggest there is a healthy interest out there even if some haven’t cottoned on yet.


He enthused: “I feel that NFT’s are here to stay. I feel that we are going to see a lot more integration of NFT’s especially in the arena of fashion and video games.

“Some games already use NFT’s but I am talking about in-game currencies, tradeable items within games and so on. We’re seeing the genesis of an online economy that will open the doors for a lot of new content creators and people who can enjoy the benefit of these NFT’s.

“I was on a site yesterday where you can put on a virtual reality headset and walk through a digital gallery where you can observe NFT’s and you can bid for them right there and then. The potential for it is very scalable.

“I think we’ll see a lot of pioneering work coming from different industries where NFT’s are concerned.”

@NFT_Community hosted their first ever Instagram Live today, check that out here:  

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