WARNING! Do Not Invest With This Site.

By Moneyhands | Levin'shub | 18 May 2021

It's being said, 

when we save, we keep our money to sleep, but when invested,  we put it to work. 

So how are we sure to be investing with the right company or people especially with this cruelty world of today? 

Yes, we all want to make money and some niggas are using the most illegal means possible to obtain that shit, no matter the cost or how badly it could affect others, especially with the crypto economy where the market is still very young and trending. 

Crypto cloud mining sites are one of the most common ways people get scam of their hard earned money, because everyone wants to multiply their assets in one way or the other, so they easily fall for the schemes. 

This is another fake crypto cloud mining site. 




With as low as $1, you can become an investor with this site, setting the minimum investment amount to only $1 is a killer deal for novice entering the Crypto world, and after collecting huge sum of money, they'll pull down the site and make it inaccessible. 

Email reminder to make a deposit to my account

These is one of the most popular ways ponzi scheme operate, they'll make you do deposit after deposit until you give up, because withdrawal threshold is no human friendly. 


Domolabs is fraud


After two direct referrals to this site that made a deposit of $101 total, I received a commission of $8.08, you get up to 8% ref commission from this site,  waiting to explore the site more, I received tons of email from admin telling me to make a deposit of at least $1 to keep my account active. 

Your account need attention

Email notification from domolabs telling me to make a deposit of atleast $1

So I went on and I invested the ref commission into one of the plans, again after several days, received tons of emails from admin telling me to make a deposit of at least $85 to activate withdrawal, that internal deposit is not allowed. 


Account termination notice 2

Account suspension notice 2

Note that... 


No legitimate site will ask for deposit of any kind before withdrawing the funds from your account, this is an old fashion dubious act, though use today, it's a pity that some people still fall for this. 

Email notification of account termination

Ignoring all the spam in my inbox, until I was giving a "grace period" LOL. 

I was given a grace period 

Up untill now, no action have been taking, I just sometimes log-in to check if my account has been terminated already, but everything seems just fine, or maybe they trying to be patient with me to see if they'll receive a penny. 



This site is an obvious scam, but should in case you might want to check it out yourself, you can click here

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