My first payment from cointiply (31/03/2021)

By Moneyhands | Levin'shub | 1 Apr 2021

Today i got my first payout from cointiply after a long journey, I'm so excited to share about the progress with you also looking for multiply stream of income. 

There was no tricks or shortcuts I used to maximize my earning but the usual boring stuffs like, ad clicking, watching short video ads, downloading apps, and if lucky enough to find a survey available for my region. 

Yeah, I get it! these are unimaginable boring tasks to do if you're in need of urgent cash, these types of jobs are incredibly slow and requires alot of patience. 

But it is worth every cent here than to be ramping about on social medias, no matter how boring these type of work are to me, I'm just kinda getting enough money for connection. 

If you've been following me for some time now, you'll notice I've been talking about cointiply lately, you can check out my previous article

where I got reap off $10 playing the multiplier (You might not want to try that). 


So what is cointiply

This is a GPT site, in simple terms (Get paid to) carry on activities on the site (Like the ones mention above),  I've gotten some chunks of BTC from these type of programs, not much, but it's OK. 

I quit other Gpt sites because I wanted to work on this site focusly, I find this one better than a quadrillion of all the programs I joined. 

We scream out SCAM to ponzi schemes sites to warn others not to join, how about preaching out the good work of legit ones (like cointiply). I'll continue to sing it out loud for this site. It is 100% legit. 

Here is my withdraw proof (wed, 31st march 2021)

Payment approval


Email payment notification


Payment History



  • Easy navigation 
  • multiple ways to earn
  • low withdrawal threshold ($3 dogecoin / $5 for bitcoin) 
  • High trust score on other forums
  • Multiple social profiles
  • Fast support (According to my experience) 


Join Now And Earn:

(The link above is my ref link). 

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