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By JBalmoja | Lets Talk About.... | 6 Apr 2020


Nature It is the source of our living. Food,shelter,water,

and our basic necessities are provided by nature ever since

Human evolution has started. We think that technology is

the only thing that we should develop or care about.Plants

and trees give off oxygen that lets us breathe properly.Can

your gadgets do that? No, it can’t. Only nature can do that,

for the exchange of our care and love as we water them,

let them bathe under the warm sun.I realized that nature

is something that we should always have around us. 

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Since i started to live in a city full of smoke,buildings,

cars, and establishments that lack those healthy growing

greens. Life was so unhealthy but with nature by our side,

we will change into a better community and develop in an

Eco-friendly way for the future generations to appreciate.



The lives of children today are much different. Children

today have few opportunities for outdoor free play and

regular contact with the natural world.Today, with children’s

lives disconnected from the natural world, Children are

losing the understanding that nature exists in their own

backyards and neighborhoods, which further disconnects

them from knowledge and appreciation of the natural world.

the loss of children’s outdoor play and contact with the

natural world negatively impact the growth and development

of the whole child and their acquisition of knowledge, it also

sets the stage for a continuing loss of the natural environment.

outdoor playing




When children were free to play, their first choice was often

to flee to the nearest wild place whether it was a big tree or

brushy area in the yard or a watercourse or woodland nearby.

They will appreciate the beauty of nature and cherish it.


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