A Silent War Pandemic?

By JBalmoja | Lets Talk About.... | 6 Apr 2020

  • Today we encounter a crisis that will lead to a catastrophic problem that we may endure the difficulties that everybody is not ready for this kind of plagues, it ruins the life of human existence all over the world and a lot of people died in coronavirus and every nation is battling for the cure to save people's lives. Most of our government is not ready for this dilemma. Nevertheless, our scientists and medical team are searching for a vaccine that will end up this pandemic virus. Human is capable of adapting the situation. Nowadays, we have the edge of technology in searching for the solution. Every citizen of the nation has a responsibility to obey what government mandate for the
  • safety of their people. 
  • We obey rules as much as possible stay home. Some richest countries and having advance technology in medicine yet they struggling, how much more in the poor country's this is a real dilemma for the government who can not provide them with health quality due to lack of budgets. China is claiming that they surpassed the pandemic viruses, but U.S President said that coronavirus is not yet over. According to the research study, the virus will survive in days in the air. As of now, we don't know exactly if the virus will mutate to prolong their existence.
  • Recent News a biotechnology company in the United States has revealed that it already found antibodies to treat the people who are infected with the novel coronavirus disease and they will produce a large scale of manufacturing the said antibodies this coming April. The US as giant state spending funds to study the new virus and they have the determination to provide an antidote, Undoubtedly it will happen to make vaccines for the cure.  
  • HOPE
  • Keep safe Guys...


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