HOT AIRDROP: BitForex CApp Town Airdrop 100,000 CAPP ($37)

By redcat | Let's make money together! | 24 Apr 2020

BitForex CApp Town is an open platform based on BitForex exchange system. It is a platform that quickly connects global businesses and crypto users. It allows cryptocurrency holders from BitForex to participate and access global blockchain applications.


Above is information copied from an official source.
I understood very little what kind of project this is, but I think it should be a good reward.
Firstly, because the token is related to a large exchange
secondly, because the token is already being traded
Thirdly, the pre-sale took only 7 seconds. - this means that there is demand

To join, you need to perform some common actions on social networks and fill out a Google form

Good luck to everyone and more rewards




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Let's make money together!
Let's make money together!

Now, with the development of cryptocurrency, you can earn a little by having a device and access to the Internet. Almost everyone has such conditions. I like to get some money online. Therefore, this blog is dedicated to airdrops, various promotions, where you can earn something. I myself often take information on this resource from other authors who share in good ways. But some methods are not here, so I decided to talk about them too. We will earn together.

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