Why cryptocurrancy is needed?


With the advent of this World, everything is going on the shoulders of internet and going online. The internet has dissolved in our veins and it can't be apart now. The only thing which was left that had no connection to the internet was oue dear paper currancy. Thanks to the folks who didn't leave it alone and brought it to the web of internet. 

Let's see why crypto is needed? 

Movement of currancy.

Talking about paper currancy, it was very hard to move the currency from city to other, or from a country to other. As the World has shrunk and virtually has come closer through the internet, it's important that the currencies should be move easily from one continent to other.
With the popularity of Online earning, it was also demanded that paper currancy should be easily moved to the recipients. But HOW?


it was very hard. It needed very long procedure and lots of people and departments should be involved.

Here comes the need of digitizing the currancy that could digitally be moved from one's wallet to others in the matter of seconds.

Security consideration.
Crypto is also not that much secure ad our World class hackers  are working day and night to steel everything and fill their pockets but...
As compared to digital currancy, we can say that it's much secure. The movement of currancy occurs in such quick setup that it's totally hard to peek and catch them.

Heavy fees on transactions reduction.
As I stated earlier that worldwide currancy movement is required for online work these days. When the currancy moves from overseas the fees consumption will be definitely high enough and will make zero profit for online work. Thus the birth of crypto lowered the fees and also made the transactions speedy.

Easy access and adoption
Crypto is easily accessible via your mobile of computer. You don't need to change your clothes and go to the bank to have your currancy.

What's next?
Cryptocurrancy is going to be flooded in our lives in coming future. The paper currency will go vanish and we'll have our assets in our hands 24/7. But......

Here's a downside....
When we have cash in banks we can also have cash in homes which no one can take. But with the crypto, we can't have that in our homes. Authorities can zero us and second and we'll come to the roads if this happened.
Well we don't know what future is planning. For us. Let's pray that whatever happen happen for our best.

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Let's learn about Crypto
Let's learn about Crypto

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