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As mentioned in my earlier post to discuss more on the global macro economics, I would like to share a few things through this article.

As we have bought and anticipated that much of the cryptos would be marching ahead with steady progress even though not anticipated much of skyrocketing during last year, we are sitting on a huge loss as of now.

The high inflation is a matter of serious concern at the global level which is also coupled with the Russia- Ukraine war at present and its associated risks with the global supply-chain issues are looming large. 

As would see the Nasdaq, the position at which it is trading as a low since 2 years, which make a red flag to all of us.

The Bitcoin trades at USD 36K which is not said to be wrecked out. If it trades around USD30K we would say that, but there are more chances to go down.

If we see the dollar index, it is at a 20 year high as of now and stands at 103.57. We have witnessed in the past that whenever the dollar index is making high, the bitcoin started to get down. This is exactly happening now.


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If we are heading to a recession, most of the investment community would not be in position to take risks with fresh investments that too in crypto. They would rather go with liquidity options. I have annexed the reference link for you to go through for further understanding.



The halving phenomenon of BTC usually takes place in every four years. We have witnessed the last having in the year 2020. At this time, BTC is enjoying the halfway to the halving with a new hash rate record. The next halving would expect in 2024. Please go through the detailed information that has been given in the reference link for more details.

As the supply reduces, there were momentums in the BTC trends in the upward skyrocketing- that goes up which is a cheerful matter of concern!

There may be some positive momentums would help the Crypto market would make consolidate and go up.

But at this point in time it seems that we need to wait a bit for a more positive global cues....

At this juncture, I would always keep some money aside to purchase at every extreme low level and make/build it for a medium to long term to stay with a steady profit!

In the meantime, try to start Identifying assets that are coming to sensible valuations, start having some positions. In the short time, there may be some notional losses. But this is the widely arguing way to make money.

Thanks and looking forward to meet you all with my next article!









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