Is it investment time now or Troubling time for Crypto Investing?

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As discussed during the preparatory phase of the Russia and Ukrain war, I have hinted you that if the war starts, there would be an absolute crash in the Crypto market and this would be a major blow for the Crypto Market.

We have witnessed this in the past few weeks. As we all understood the directions of the war and it is only Ukrain and Russia directly involve in this war at this point in time and there would not be a major world war ahead with the current scenario. 

During and at the end of the war, the global financials would suffer a lot and we are witnessing it. 

Now at this point in time, all the crypto coins are available at attractive price range. The Cryptos are started their uptrend movement. One can now select the potential coin(s) at the very desirable price for fresh investments.

But we have take the situation of the rise of Omicron worldwide and the alert given by World Health Organisation (WHO) into account. But, I strongly see this would not affect the Crypto markets much. If we anticipate another global lock down or lock down in parts, much of the people would show interest in Crypto markets and the investments would rise.

It would be an interesting thing how would the Indian Crypto Investors play post March in the Crypto Investment Space amidst a heavy taxation structures?

As the time of writing this article the following Cryptocoins are emerging as the top performers:


The following are emerged as the top losers:


Happy Investing ahead!

See you in the next article!

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