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Another-1 & AlterVerse - Together with Metaverse Project!

Dear Readers,

It is excited to understand that various partnership and synergies are taking place in the crypto space to get the users an exciting experiences.


In this line, the Alterverse team is entering into a new partnership with Another-1 to get the users the next generation digital shopping platform into the phygital product space.

Alterverse has made the Metaverse project - Sky City which is a free, virtual city, similar to Decentraland or the Sandbox, but with a lot of game play and live building incorporated into this. It is being rolled in four phases. SKY CITY –  Sky City is the central hub of the AlterVerse. In this metaverse one can buy land, build, shop, socialize, gather resources, craft furnishings, buy, sell, trade, and Play in many ways!


With this partnership, both Alterverse and Another 1 would construct a brand new Another-1 skyscraper within the EpiCenter of Sky City.

Another-1 is where physical and digital meets together. They aim to lead the phygital industry by using Web3 technology to bring transparency, accessibility, and global barrier-less entry to fashion design. This blockchain ecosystem consists of NFTs with fashion designs and the Web 3 infrastructure.

With this partnership for the Another 1, the users will get the best shopping experience with Another-1's latest apparel collections- which are stunning, lifelike detail and try them on in a virtual setting, all while enjoying the immersive gameplay in AlterVerse.


The images that are shared related to the skycity is fantastic!

Let's deep dive into the stunning metaverse world!

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