AI bound Crypto Projects to look at!

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The advent of technology is integrated everywhere in our day to day lives.  With all the modern technology advancements the Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays an important role. The Microsoft Co-founder Bill Gates also narrated that he considered AI is the revolution during the recent Redditt’s Ask Me Anything (AMA) event, his 11th event in AMA. We have also covered this news. Click here to read it if you have missed it out. 

Various tech giants are investing millions of dollars in AI technology.


The roll out of Chat GPT - the chatbot by Open AI made every sections of the society thrilled and experienced the power of AI technology. Microsoft has invested in this project and it continued to increase its stake of investment in it. 

We all know that Google has also lost more than 100 million USD in a single day when it had introduced its AI chatbot - Bard. But with a mistake it has lost so much in a single day which shows the expectation and power of AI in the modern era. 

Following are the few crypto projects that are most known which are around in this AI space. has a separate page on AI based coins where you can look it out and explore it further. 

Have these in your watchlist and explore it further!


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Lets get insight on Crypto

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