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DxSALE($SALE) Potential MOONshot v2

By lethaL | lethaL | 31 Aug 2020

As i posted yesterday about this coin, and it has since doubled, yes, DOUBLED7ec8d84f6dd740cd0d2eb8866b612e13f70c29bb343b4381fb5833f29d2a2ae0.png

I figured i should keep you guys updated on the progress and how actually this gets closer to become a moonshot.

As updated in yesterday's post, team has renounced the ownership of SALE tokens, which can be seen in this TxID

Team has also posted a preview of the upcoming staking platform, which should be just around the corner, with a simplistic interface.



As announced in their OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS TELEGRAM people have been victims to scams, so be aware.

Research about this project yourself and you will see it has chances to blow up really fast.


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