Why CTPSB should be part of your Hive portfolio.

By Rajat G | Let talk about investment. | 11 Feb 2021

Why CTPSB should be part of your Hive portfolio.

With the rise in price of CTP token (nice effort by CTP team @jongolson (Tribe ownership) @blainjones (Development ownership) and @elianaicgomes (Support/Marketing) , CTP token is now much talked and getting nice attention but there is one more project CTPSB (CTP Swarm booster) , a community project led by @achim03 also get attention.




Though information about project is readily available here and can be extracted from @ctpsb posts too but I think all this need time to extract, so why not I make it very concise in this post and I will like to give shoutout to @uyobong , I guess he want's to know more about this but not getting enough time to research it.

I will start with the market chart of CTPSB token.




Interesting , chart always look going up. Is it really a permanent feature for rest of token life ?

Before answering this , I will like to explain how CTPSB token gets value.

How CTPSB token get value.

CTPSB (CTP swarm Booster) is a community project that support the authors and posts with CTP tag. Value of each CTPSB token is calculated as :
CTPSB value = Hive Power of the @ctpsb account / number of CTPSB tokens in circulation

CTPSB account gain Hive/ Hive power by following methods.

1. When someone buy CTPSB token from @lasercity account in Hive-Engine/Leodex. Hive generated with the sale is used to powerup the ctpsb account.

2. When some one delegate Hivepower to ctpsb account. Increased Hive power means , increased curation rewards in Hive generated and powering up just increase the value of CTPSB token , because now same amount of CTPSB token represent more Hive power in CTPSB account.

3. Beneficiary setup: There are many user in CTP community that setup CTP account as beneficiary, these rewards also add up the Hive power of the account. Again it cause increase in CTPSB value.

4. Posting rewards: Since CTPSB account also post content and it earn rewards for posting. These rewards also make part of the CTPSB account. Again it cause increase in CTPSB value.

5. Other streams of income: CTPSB has stake of other non related CTP token too, mainly SPORTS ,Hustlers and list too. It has it's own Dcity and some investment on Brofund and Index token that also generate income for it.

I guess , now you understand why chart of CTPSB token keep showing upward, because everyday Hive power of account increase.

Why you should invest in CTPSB token.

1. I see CTPSB token as no risk and sureshot gain in the Hive value of your token with time. I think this special feature should be enough to get some CTPSB token.

2. As a plankton and with very small HP , it will be difficult to get any curation rewards, this make excellent investment to get some curation rewards on it (+ all increased value) and all in liquid form (to get curation reward you need Hive power that need powered up, that is not a requirement with CTPSB token.)

3. You help the CTP community: Since part of earnings is used for buying CTP tokens from market and CTPSB also spread CTP tokens to the delegator. It is a very nice way to support the CTP community and spreading CTP token.

Market link to CTPSB token:

PS: DYOR is always advised, I am holder CTPSB token. All information is based on my experience and collection of posts that are posted over in period of time.

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Let talk about investment.

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