SEED : Another feather in my Passive Income Portfolio.

SEED : Another feather in my Passive Income Portfolio.


SEED : Another feather in my Passive Income Portfolio.

From past time I am much more fascinated by the thought of the generating passive income regularly that can give me returns. I am regularly increase my stake on the tokens that can generate passive income for me. And today I added SEED token on my portfolio.


What is SEED token

SEED is a Hive Engine Token issued by Empoderat and he described the tokenomics at this post. .It is going to use DAO Maker to earn the profits and it will save the profits in form of HBD that is now act at somewhat stable coin at peg of $1. Additionally HBD if put in saving account of Hive ,it will generate 10% APY too.

Why I put my money in SEED?

I am currently not in trading and researching about the crypto projects as such and it made me sense to put my money who can do research and put money in it and share the profits.

What other passive investment options I hold.

I hold >1% of the total LBI issued and I see LBI is currently growing at nice phase. With Dividends payment going to start in next month , I am going to see the passive income coming every week. As part of income is also reinvested in fund also , so fund will also keep growing with time. It's a double win.

Are you wondering , how DEC is acting as passive income for me? ok , I am stacking all my DEC earned in game and purchased DEC also. Now this DEC is giving me the SPS airdrop.

It is very minor position and CL I got is airdropped to me as I am holding LBI.I used to get nice amount of VFT for staking DEC before SPS drop started. I started my defi exposure in cubdefi and I am planning to increase my position in Cebdefi platform to get cubs daily.

Splinterland's card
I earn some passive income by renting Splinterland's Card , though this income is currently few cents daily but with time , this will increase in future.
Do not forget that I also earn DEC and cards by playing Splinterland's Card that help in increasing my passive income.

*Delegation Income
I have delegated my hive power to various projects in Hive that help me to generate some passive income inlieu of my Hive power.

Some other semi-passive income some source

These are not passive income but they require very little effort and it can be considered as semi-passive income.

Curation Income
My Hive power and various other staked token power give me rewards for curating the content in the Hive blockchain. Curation is semi passive if you like to read and you can convert int fully passive by delegating/or using auto upvotes.

Rising Star Game
Rising Star Gme does not require much effort in playing and by having strbits millionaire card, I get 10K starbits for a single mission per day. These starbits earned by a single mission are perfect example of semi-pasive income.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice and I am financially strong to absorb the losses if some of them even do not click. Do not invest the money that you cannot afford to lose.

PS: Thumbnail used is my my first NFT purchased in wax.

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