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By Allemsam21 | Lessons learned in life | 21 Jul 2021

I myself try to figure out why it is so necessary to have a name. But then I thought maybe it's because we really need identity to avoid confusion and many more valid reasons . We could differ in insights, thoughts and opinions and it is understandable. I just thought it interesting to talk about. And please allow me to site some biblical matters to this. I feel and believe the Bible more than any books written by men. It's my personal conviction and anyone is entitled to it like anyone else. I respect any other opinions, thoughts and convictions and welcomes them as well. It is because I don't know everything. Everyone knows something but not everything. I may know something you do not know and you may know somethings I do not know. So sharing by communicating is a way of getting knowledge as well as showing concern for everyone. And for me I love to share what I know accdg. to what I learned in life by experienced, in school by teachers who handed me their knowledge, by observations I have observed from people and environment. And so that how it goes with what I've got to share with you today.

Previously, I had mentioned you about the family what I know and learned about it, and one is about family giving us identity. And one of it is giving us a name. Parents actually are the ones entitled to it. But in some cases which I will discuss later, something traditional, occassional, common or familiar, trending, etc. are somehow attached to the given names by loved ones aside from.parents. It may sound serious and funny at the same time.

I would guide you to throwback our attention in the past. In this regard, I would cite the biblical personal insight I have. 


In the book of Genesis, the first book in the Old Testament , it is written the account of the Seven Days of God's s Creation. The book of Genesis is called to be the book of Beginnings. It was called to be because in it were written about all the beginnings in earth's history, and human history. I find this book to relate on my topic.


If you are going to read the account of God's creation in the book of Genesis you will find out that God called or given a name to what He created. The spoken word from God made the existence of every creation of heavenly bodies and every creatures on earth. God created things according to its purpose and use and called it in a NAME HE ALONE IS ENTITLED TO DO FOR IT IS HIS OWN CREATION.

If you have time to read the book of Genesis, if you have the Bible, I encourage you to do so, to see for yourself what I am telling you. I would not go in the details of it here. To cite a few in Genesis 1:5 God called the first thing He created the light, He called it DAY and the darkness He called it NIGHT. 



In Genesis 2:19,20; It is written that Adam , with God's consent accdg. to wisdom or intellect given by God to him, ADAM GAVE NAMES to every beast of the field, every fowl of the air, of every cattle. AND HOW ADAM CALLED IT, IT WAS ITS NAME. 


In Genesis 3:20, Adam called his wife's name EVE. He gave such the name because she was the MOTHER OF ALL LIVING.

If you will read the Old Testament its 39 books you will find out that names were given to persons, places, and things with some memorable events behind it. And the persons who gave names have somewhat in mind its importance, a heritage maybe that cannot be forgotten, a very meaningful name as to be said and be remembered. 

I must confessed I don't know many things about names. It is a very broad subject if you go into the details of it. And what I can only share are some within my family and others which I've known curiosity.

I think I should begin with my name ALICIA. I came to know that it was the suggestion of our firstborn sister. And this name was the name of the most popular actress in Philippines movie at that time.

I also learned from my elder sisters about their names. In the family we are five sisters, our third sister was named LUCILA But accdg. to her as our mother told her, she was so sickly on her childhood days that she was almost near to death. So my parents was so worried about her. In our place it was believed that if a child is sickly  the reason behind it , is the  name given to the child. Accdg. to the old folks if the child's name  was not suited to the child  it must be changed in order for the child to be not sickly. A certain ritual must be done in changing the name of the child.  They called the ritual "LATOK". This is being done using a fresh egg. Anyone in the family or relative present in the ritual would give a name. As that person give the name he will put the egg in a plate. When the egg stands in the plate as he uttered the name that would be the name to be given the child. So my parents agreed the ritual to be done. Many persons present in the ritual attempted and tried one after another  till finally the egg stands in the plate. So it happened that when one of  the person uttered the name LUVIMINDA the egg did stand firmly on the plate. And since then when they adopt that name for my sister she no longer became sickly. So from that time on forward that was the name my sister was called and registered .

My fourth sister was named by my parents EULANDA. When she goes to school one of her teacher triggered the change. In the diploma the printed name was YOLANDA when she graduated in Elementary School. All her school records were in that name. According to the teacher there was no such kind of name so the teacher changed EULANDA to YOLANDA. My parents must have been convinced by that change so my sister name YOLANDA was used from then on. 

I have lots still to share but I will just close with this one more story about the name. It was my sister-in law's  name. The name given to her was DELILAH insisted by the grandfather.  In school she was being bullied by classmates because of her name. Anyone who knows about the Bible Story of Samson & Delilah triggered the bullying. It was because her SURNAME happened to be SAMSON. So you can just imagine how she undergo such bullying those times in school from elementary to college. She must have been so much annoyed calling her DELILAH with some kind of a funny joke. So she finally decided to change her name legally. She came up with the name LAILA. It sounds like her original name DELILAH.

There are lots of reasons behind a name given. Other may call us in a different name beside the original name we had.  Our parents, our siblings,  our close friends, called as nicknames, which is less formal and comfortable to say. Giving such kind of name shows the closeness and fondness of people toward us.

The whole world we lived in has reached the peak of its population and this situation calls for more definite and best systems to address in matters of NAMES. Everything revolves around the necessity of NAMES , in all aspects of the life of mankind.


NAMES AVOID CONFUSION, when we talk about persons.

NAMES  LEADS US TO RIGHT DIRECTION when we talk of places.

NAMES ASSURES US OF THE REAL & ORIGINAL when we talk about brand names in food or medicine.

NAMES IDENTIFY US PERSONALLY so we need to take care of our names by how we live our lives.

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Lessons learned in life
Lessons learned in life

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