Matcha: The best DEX aggregator ?

Matcha: The best DEX aggregator ?

By cryptouf | Les cryptos pour les nuls | 11 Oct 2020

Matcha is a DEX developed by the 0x protocol. It uses API 0x and 0x Mesh to take advantage of aggregated liquidity and price information from Kyber, Uniswap, Oasis, and other protocols.


Matcha is a DEX, or rather an aggregator of DEX. It's a terrible thing that when you want to trade he's going to find the best way to do it and find the most efficient way. You no longer need to have several web pages open with all the DEXs you know to find the one that offers you the most advantageous swap. By automating searches, Matcha automatically provides the user with the best possible price for their swap.


The main goal of Matcha is to be a clean and simple interface where anyone can exchange tokens, and Matcha also places great emphasis on design and user experience. Each token has its page with dynamic graphics, information on the token in question, you can see the content of your wallet ...


A really nice interface





Find the most advantageous path


They claim to be the cheapest 7 times out of 10 after taking into account the transaction costs. Full article: here



Once again one of the major advantages of Matcha is its clarity. All the necessary information is clearly indicated. If the swap is not to your advantage, you even get a message asking you to create a limit order that will appear.




It is also possible to adjust the BOTH used for the swap, the% slippage and the price of the gas used yourself. This allows full control of your transaction.




The possibility of placing "Limit orders"



For traders, you can now see the Depth and see the origin of the liquidated according to the quantity of tokens exchanged.



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