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By cryptouf | Les cryptos pour les nuls | 18 May 2020

Hi all

Here is a small article / tutorial to understand how to participate in syndicates on CDC (

If not, you already need a CDC account, a small article here. Then you will need an account on the CDC exchange, here. If you already have an account on the application use the "Continue as app user" button and use the same email address that allows you to register on the app. These are 2 separate platforms. So you have to create a counter on the exchange. But then, do not panic, the 2 platforms communicate with each other.

You will then need to transfer your CROs, which are stored on the app, to the exchange. To do this, simply follow the steps below:


1 / Go to your wallet and select the CROs




2 / Then click on Transfer





3/Then click on Withdraw






4 / You must then say where you want to send your CROs. In this case you want to send them to the exchange. So select Exchange






5 / Finally, you must enter the quantity of CRO you want to send, and then validate






6 / Your CROs are now on the exchange. Connect to the exchange. And you will see your CROs in your balance


7 / Then go to Syndicate Details (green square). Then enter the amount of CRO you want to allocate for the current syndicate and validate.

You will block these CROs for 2 days. At the end of this period there will be 2 possibilities. Either reject the offer or accept it. If you accept it, then part of your CRO will be converted into the token offered during the syndicate. And the rest will be refunded to you. If you refuse, all your CROs will be refunded to you.






Thanks ! and hope you enjoyed ! 


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Les cryptos pour les nuls
Les cryptos pour les nuls

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