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Love can't stop by no one even afterlife.

When Death Fell in love to Life: Chapter 1

By leomar_07 | leomar | 25 Jan 2021


At the beginning of everything the creator made the universe balance and create spirits that will help him to manage his creations. Those spirits possess a form of a human, Life is the most favorite of the creator and she is considered as the daughter of the creator, on the other side God also created Death but he knew that Life and Death cannot take with each other due to their roles given to them by the creator, that's why the creator gave Death to his older brother which is Darkness.

In place of the Creator, Life grew and became a beautiful maiden, she loves to play with flowers in the garden and she also made things happy and alive. While on the other hand Death lived in the arms of Darkness, and he was trained, his role is to fetch the spirits of dead people and assist them to the afterlife.

One time Life asks consent from the creator if she could visit her friend animals and flowers up on the hill. She was very happy when she was allowed by the creator, she hugged him and immediately prepare to go on the hill, while on the way she happily sings a beautiful rhythm that makes trees and plants cherished her. She already reaches the top of the hill and sits down on the grasses.

On the other hand, Death was bored in his role that's why he escapes from his task and wander around, he didn't notice that he reach an unknown place and everything surrounds by a beautiful light. When he roaming his eyes he saw a creature moving at the top of the hill because of his curiosity he goes uphill and hide in the bushes so that he can't be noticed.

When he closely see the creature he felt something beating fast inside his chest, he touches it and feels pain, he accidentally trampled a branch of a tree that makes the creature look in his direction. He ran fast so that the creature can't see him and after he escaped he sighed deeply and went back home.

Death can't stop thinking about what he saw, and his curiosity is convincing him to see the beautiful creature again. On another day he secretly escapes from their house and went to the hill, he hopes that he could spot the beautiful girl again, then there's an unknown emotion he feels it's happiness.

Someone is pushing him to talk to this creature, when he gets close enough, the beautiful creature stared at him, but he shows that he won't have a bad intention that makes beautiful creatures talk to him.

After that, they become close to each other, that hill is the witness for the love developed between them, but it is a forbidden rule that the two of them should not meet because the balance in the world will distort. When Darkness knew that Death disobeyed the rule, he wants to sever the relationship of the two but Death wants to fight Darkness to defend Life.

This makes Darkness very angry and he reveals all the dark plan using Death, since the beginning Darkness envy the Creator due to its ability. The creator is the one who receives many things and can create anything, Darkness had a duty to create darkness as a contrast to the light, the world needs the light and dark so that everything will balance and if one of them will disappear, the world will imbalance and things will be in chaos.

When Death hears all the plan of Darkness, his ability starts to awaken, the sky starts to turn Dark and thunder is rumbling, Life felt scared when she saw how tremendous Death is when Dark attempts to attack Life. Death blocked Darkness and they start to fight, but Dark was so powerful that makes Death fell to the ground.

Darkness laughs loud and curses two of them that no matter how they love each other, they will never live eternally and the curse will follow them even in their reincarnation.

When Darkness attempts to stab Life using a sword, Death runs towards Life and blocks the sword, unfortunately, Death and Life both stab by the sword and they fell to the ground. They smile at each other and at the last time a tear fell from their eyes and promised each other that in the afterlife they will find each other and love again.

That time the Creator came and punish Darkness for its evilness and thrown him into the infinite dark dimension. The creator felt sadness and pity for the two of them, the creator makes the sky bright again as an opposed to Darkness curse, the creator also fulfill the wish of Death that the two of them will meet in the next life but the creator can't remove the curse because it was too powerful.


Chapter 1:

1st POV:

I awaken with strange dreams, a tears drop on my face. I don't know why I'm crying, I wipe my tears and wake up in bed. I prepare myself and go down so that I can take my breakfast. My mother greets me with a smile, asking why I'm acting strange then I tell her that I'm ok. Then I realize that today is my first year in college, I need to get ready because my class will start at 10 AM. We're here are the dining room, I'm with my mother since my father is busy handling the company. He's the president and the CEO of Alvarez Enterprise, it was founded by our Ancestors that's why it passes from generation to generation.

It means I'm the heir of this company that's why I choose a course that related to business, I also choose one of the most prestigious schools and I pass there because of my scholarship. After I take my breakfast, I prepare things that I need in the University.

I'm Davidson Alvarez, I'm 19 years old and I can tell that our family is one of the richest people in the world because of the surname that we have but I don't use that surname to become famous even though we live a wealthy life, I choose to become simple and live like a normal person. It's already 8:30 AM and I need to go since it's very hard to find a jeepney during weekdays. My mother told me to use my car but I refuse I still comfortable commuting and I don't want any attention from other students once they saw me riding a sports car.

I'm already inside the jeepney and it's on the way to University, I wear my headset then listen to music that's my hobby if I do nothing. Finally, the jeepney arrived at the highway, I need to walk a distance to reach the entrance of the university. When I reach the entrance my eyes can't believe what I see, this university is unbelievable, it has a large greenfield and in the middle, it has a large garden in which students can freely hang out there. I need also to walk to the side since there are lots of beautiful cars in the middle which rich students are inside. Many students are amazed by those cars but me, I'm just walking towards the information desk so that I can find my room.

I'm looking for my section when suddenly a girl was on my left looking also for her section but I didn't notice much of her because I'm busy also. After I knew my room, I locate it and I'm happy that there are few students are inside the room. I saw a vacant chair at the back then I choose to sit there since I want to enjoy the music without disturbance. After 15 minutes students are coming and some of them know each other. One student sits at my left then he starts to talk to me.

" Hello bro what's your name?"

At first, I was a bit worry because might he knew about my identity but as a good person, I tell him my name hoping he didn't recognize me.

"David, David Alvarez"

"Sounds familiar"

Then my heart starts to beat fast, if he recognizes me then it's the end of my simple life.

" Oh, I remember, you're the Valedictorian, btw congratulations!" the man said

I feel relieved, I thought he could recognize me but he just knew about my academic background.

"Yes? Are we in the same school?"

" Wow it's a coincidence that we met here, now I feel relieved that I can pass all the exam hahaha"

I don't know what this guy thinking but I don't want to share my answers with him. I just ignore him but he kept talking to me until he stops when a beautiful girl enters the room, I notice also that became silent in the room. I saw a girl approaching my direction, time became slow and my surroundings became white, there are no other people surrounds, she's the only one I can see, her dark hair, beautiful almond eyes, and such a cute face makes me look at her like there's no tomorrow. I came back to reality when the guy beside me touch my shoulder.

"Dude look at her she's so beautiful, I hope she had no boyfriend."

I glance again at that girl and I admit she's beautiful but I need to show that I'm not attracted to her that's why I wear my headset again and listen to music, she sat at my left chair next to me but I ignored it.

I feel bored but the class still not starting, I remember that I brought the novel that I didn't finish reading, that's why I get it to my bag and open the bookmark, while I'm reading I notice that the girl beside me was also reading a book since I'm very curious about books, I try to look for what she's reading then I saw something that makes me surprise.

*In mind*

"Despite your captivating beauty, there still a hidden chakra inside you"

I smile a little bit then the girl noticed that I glancing at her book that's why she immediately close it and feel ashamed. I don't want to confront her since it's not bad to read those types of books.

The professor finally arrives, everyone became quiet and listen to the professor. She instructed us to introduce ourselves, Here we go again, as usual during the first day, introducing ourselves is a must so that everyone will become familiar with each other. Those people in front start to introduce themselves, I can feel their nervous but some of the students are confident to introduce themselves. The time has come, our row is the last line that needs to introduce, a boy at the far seat starts to introduce himself.

" Hello guys I'm Zhawn Alcairo, I'm 19 and it's nice meeting you"

Then the next girl stands.

"Hi everyone I'm Samantha Loraine Benarde, I'm 18 then my hobbies are reading books, watching k-dramas and singing that's all thank you"

Then the next girl also stands with confidence.

"Hello everyone I'm Hannah Galanga, I'm 18 then my favorite hobbies are reading books, k- dramas and playing volleyball, it's nice to meet you all"

It's the moment of truth now, it's time to know the name of this girl. All of my classmates are looking at that girl waiting to introduce herself, I can feel her nervousness and pressure since all of my classmates are looking at her except for me, I'm busy reading my book but honestly, my ears are listening to what she will say. She stands slowly then introduces herself.

"He-Hello guys I'm Lhaine Delos Reyes, I'm 17 and my hobbies are reading novel books and collecting stuff related to BTS, nice to meet you all"

She sits fast and I notice on my male classmates that they are using their phones like they are searching for something. I know that they are searching for the FB name of this girl. Then it's time I need to introduce myself, I can see that my classmates are looking at me, I stand straight then deepen my voice, I introduce myself to them and after that, I sit, then the guy next to me will introduce itself, he made the whole class laugh because he brings a birth certificate just to show that he's saying right. I like this guy, he had a funny personality.

After all of us, introduce and our professor was also done introducing herself, the remaining time is spent chatting with others, making their stuff, and clicking cellphones. There are also boys which approach the cute girl asking her and inviting her for a date until my ears caught the attention of a girl which saying something to boys.

"Boys are always boys, if there's the beautiful girl they immediately approach it and get its attention but after the girl falls in love, they begin to hurt it and find another woman to fool."

After the boys hear the complaint of that girl they began to walk away and sit back in their chairs. Everything turns back to normal until the guy beside me answers that girl.

"Don't say that all boys are cheaters, there are still guys who are loyal to the girl they love, the truth is women are cheaters."

I can sense that the quarrel will form with these two people, the argument between these two will start when it was interrupted by a professor, the professor starts teasing them that makes them two hate each other. That's the start of everything, those two became the mortal enemy, and every time they meet each other they start to say something.

-End of Chapter 1

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