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CoinChum " Strive To Be The Best Service Provider For User & Trader "

By lemplong | lemplong | 30 Jul 2021


Nice to Meet You Back Again,

Many Grow exchanges are offering to invest in Cryptocurrencies. But many of them have the sole purpose of deceiving users and investors and one of those exchange platforms is the BCNEX Com platform. Because this situation is very troubling, users and the public are encouraged to be more selective in choosing these crypto investment products. We must master learning about investing in cryptocurrencies, so it is less likely that we will be trapped in fake crypto investments.
But don't worry, every problem has a solution. Like many exchange platforms that only sell and offer fake investments, as is the case today. Because there is now a website-based CoinChum exchange platform that has a P2P working system.
Through the learning process provided and by using advanced trading tools by the CoinChum platform, users and traders are expected to be able to use it to see price developments that occur in general before deciding to invest. So that through this sophisticated tool, minimizing the possibility of causing losses for traders.


" Peer To Peer Market With Various Cryptocurrency Offerings "



Alright Friends, Let's Get To Know More About The CoinChum Project,,,

As a website-based exchange platform, CoinChum is an exchange platform that can only be accessed via the internet or intranet, and nowadays it is becoming more and more widely used. Using a Web-based exchange platform, it is hoped that it can be used and can meet the needs of its users, both for the purpose of
Trading or for investment purposes. On the CoinChum exchange platform you can offer various popular coins such as Bitcoin, USDT, and Ethereum, XRP and Chum tokens according to your wishes, and you can do so directly with other users through the CoinChum platform. With the way P2P works, you can do it without interference from other parties.

Fundamentals of the CoinChum Platform,

Born as a Website-Based Exchange Platform, CoinChum certainly has several features to attract the sympathy of users and investors, including:
• Tiered deposit or withdrawal fees for all cryptocurrencies,
CoinChum charges a fee depending on the number of tokens traded. If the tokens you trade have a large amount, then the costs you spend are also a bit large. And vice versa. Because the fees for depositing and withdrawing crypto assets are adjusted to the conditions of the blockchain. Details of crypto asset deposit and withdrawal fees. I will inform you in my second article..

• Affiliate Program,
Through the Affiliate program, CoinChum provides extraordinary commissions for users who are able to convince and invite other users to join the CoinChum project. Because this program is a job where you can earn commissions, if successful and successful to make consumers able to buy and use on the CoinChum platform. The nominal value of the commission that is successfully obtained will adjust to the policies of the CoinChum project later.

• Wallet Security,
The CoinChum platform uses the MPC digital wallet security system which functions to protect your funds through a cryptographic system. With this, CoinChum has established itself as a digital wallet that is able to guarantee safe and trusted web-based transactions for all users and partners. Using 4 layers of security, each with its own function and use, CoinChum is a web wallet that ensures the security of the assets and devices you use.

• Flexible Exit Plan For Investors,
CoinChum has a Business Plan to help users get to know the CoinChum platform by providing an overview of the development of the platform over a certain period of time, for example for one year or the next few years.


Why We Choose CoinChum ?

Every trader wants an exchange platform that has high security and asset protection. That's why the CoinChum platform has a method for dealing with this merchant's problem. In addition there are other problems that become problems for traders, including:

• Limited number of coins sold on the exchange platform. So traders can only trade on coins registered on the platform. CoinChum has a lot of coins that you can trade.
• Lack of quick response from the team to respond to any problems from traders, for example related to the website or other problems.
• Lack of asset security. Because with weak asset security is an important factor that every bona fide exchange platform must have.
• each exchange platform must be able to ensure that the platform they own is really promising, among other things, must be able to show users if the exchange platform can pay, or can withdraw our funds.
• In addition to the above, each exchange must provide clear information, either about prices or about prices that occur in the global market.
• Good learning and familiarization is a must if you are to be successful as an exchange platform. Learning from the mistakes of other platforms is something every exchange platform should have.
• management also greatly influences the success of an exchange platform. Must have a team and staff who are able to provide work credibility that can be shown to traders. Either through a question and answer service or other services.
• any complaints from traders and users must be responded to quickly, if you want to gain the trust of users.

Those are some of the issues that must be a concern for exchange platform managers, if they want their exchange to be a platform favored by traders. So from the exchange platform CoinChum will try to study it and will try to be the best exchange platform in the future.

What do you think Guys ?




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