ARCC ®The New Hope To Alleviate Poverty

By lemplong | lemplong | 7 Jul 2020


Do all of you still remember about the ARCC project ??

Where ARCC is an Asian Currency Reserve Coin, which aims to provide bright hope for the urban poor. And regardless of all their backgrounds, status, ethnicity, culture and others with the help of venture capital and investment for these people for the development of a better identity in the future.

ARCC. " One of the Fintech Microasset Management Platforms "


Supported by, which is the founder company of the ARCC coin, aims to break the cycle of poverty from the failures suffered by workers who live in urban areas. If we look at the actual facts of the failure of this failure is none other, because of several factors, including:

• Corruption,
Acts of corruption is an act that is very detrimental to the country. Corruption results in slowing a country's economic growth, decreasing investment, increasing poverty, and increasing income inequality. Even corruption can also reduce the level of people's happiness in a country.

• Bad Service,
Good service factors are also very effective for marketing from consumer to consumer. Satisfied consumers will tell other consumers who may be neighbors, one community, or relatives. Conversely, if the service is bad, consumers will share their bad experiences with others.

• Not Innovative,
The cause of failure of side businesses is not innovating. Although only a side business, innovation is also important for the survival of your business.

• Not Understanding the Market,
Not understanding the market also causes your side business to go bankrupt. if you know that in your shop area the power of the community is low, you will not sell goods that have high prices. And so on.

• Not Recognizing Competition,
Small to large businesses, side or not, still know competition. Consider what are the closest competitors of your business.
Do not let the decisions you make, benefit your competition.

• Managing Finances,
The management factor is also very important for business continuity. If you have an advantage, don't spend everything on it. Put your financial obligations first before you enjoy the results of your efforts.

• Difficult to Borrow Business Capital,
Capital is the main factor for the formation of a business. Because not getting the easy capital will make the business that we dream of go to waste. And an easy bureaucracy for lending venture capital as the goal of is something that is dreamed of by every community, especially people in the Southeast Asian region. And personally I hope that every program owned by runs as planned.


√ Ideas from the ARCC Project,
The high number of poor people who live in urban areas and the difficulty of them to be able to compete with rich communities, gave rise to ideas and enthusiasm from to make the Asian Currency Reserve Coin, the ARCC, to help provide the welfare and equal status of the poor through borrowing. debt-free venture capital for entrepreneurs or as a means of investment in the future for business people. And through the world's leading commercial blockchain protocol, Algorand, will make every transaction easier for users. Because through this technology is expected to provide great benefits for people in need, especially for the urban poor.
We know that economic status is very high to make a difference between the poor and the rich.

√ The Main Purpose Of ARCC Is,
• Provision of free capital for entrepreneurial investment through the fintech network.
• The first digital microasset to help improve the current state of the market
• help the macro economy, especially in the Southeast Asian region.
• help the poor in terms of capital lending that does not have access to banking
• realize the prosperity of the people's economy for the provision of a better future

√ How to get ARCC coins ??
ARCC on the Biki exchange market. And if you are an investor, then ARCC is the right investment tool. Because besides this project is real, ARCC also has good value for the long term. Besides that ARCC also has a very interesting program for investors.That is the Proof of Stake program that is currently underway. Where if you have a large amount of ARCC, the greater the number of ARCC you will get later.
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√ Partner,




√ Conclusions,
Poverty is indeed a problem in every country, but in reality the Southeast Asian country has the population that suffers the greatest poverty. This is a problem that is a shared problem that must be resolved and has a solution. Because the emergence of poverty sometimes comes from the difficulty of borrowers to carry out credit, thus deciding new hopes for borrowers to improve their standard of living. But now there is no need to worry, because has come to introduce a new economic system designed with the world's first 'microasset', as a tool for economic development in failed markets, with the aim of providing and facilitating the poor who are want to start their business without being subjected to a difficult bureaucracy and no applicable interest rates. This is good news and is certainly pleasant for us, especially for people who are members of the Southeast Asian nation.  Thank you, the sweet program from your company



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