ApeSwap " Introduces And Offers To Each Partner The Importance Of Decentralized Exchange "

By lemplong | lemplong | 8 May 2021


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DEX (Decentralized Exchange)

It is an exchange that does not depend on third party services to provide crypto storage, transfer, exchange or trading services. Instead, trading takes place directly between users (peer-to-peer) via an automated process. This system can be achieved by creating a token of choice (a crypto asset representing a specific currency) or through a decentralized multi-signature Escrow system. So that with DEX you can be sure you don't need to be confused and worried in terms of asset security. Because the funds will be deposited in your own Wallet, not an exchange provided Wallet.


I Introduce You !!


" Fast growing decentralized exchange on the Binance Smart Chain "


ApeSwap is ??

ApeSwap is a Decentralized Exchange that introduces and offers to each partner the importance of Decentralized exchange. By providing increased income to its partners, through several programs and prizes offered by ApeSwap, this aims to provide additional income for its partners and to create a mass motivation for partners to use the ApeSwap platform globally and with high dedication. As a fast growing Decentralized Exchange on the Binance Smart Chain, ApeSwap intends to expand the ecosystem by providing opportunities for new projects that wish to use ApeSwap services by increasing liquidity. ApeSwap supports all new projects that wish to join the ApeSwap ecosystem. Apart from that, Financial Squirrel and ApeSwap have collaborated to build an ecosystem in order to create beneficial exchanges between the two parties. Because the Squirrel Financial Ecosystem to empower through a simple & safe, low-cost DeFi system. Providing opportunities for farmers, Financial Squirrel opened a joint farm for ApeSwap NUTS / BNB LP by awarding BANANA awards.

And as a long-term project, ApeSwap intends to focus on increasing the price of BANANA / BNB & BANANA / BUSD, but without eliminating the price pairs of other tokens. As the main product, the BANANA Token, ApeSwap strives to be a DEX that has great value and influence on its users, especially for all communities within the ApeSwap Platform ecosystem.


Building a good partnership is the main thing needed to increase the credibility of the platform being run. And the short story is Business without a network is an impossible thing. In fact, every business always needs a network and partners. because a business cannot stand alone. There are many benefits that can be obtained if a company has many networks, including being able to increase sales, increase connections and relationships, become a solution to business problems, gain insight or expand business knowledge.Therefore, as a DEX platform, ApeSwap uses several methods to improve relationships with its partners, including :

√ Give Intensive to Its Partners,

√ Provide Support To Business Partners (Project Owners Who Want To Join),

√ Have Sharing Activities,

When partners are having difficulty using the services from ApeSwap, the team will always be willing to provide solutions to solve the problems you face (whatever it is related to the ApeSwap platform). You can ask directly about the complaints you are having through A workshop, online forum, social media and anywhere where it is possible for you to share well, for example via telegram or other social media. And this is a form of service that is owned by ApeSwap to build good partnerships for its users.

√ Use Social Media,

As an internet-based DEX platform, ApeSwap Platform definitely owns Social Media channels. So that the latest news and information about ApeSwap will be informed on official social media channels which include Twitter, Medium, telegram and other official channels. Because through social media, it will further increase the closeness to the partners they have. And through social media, partners can find new insights about ApeSwap in every way.


Main Feature :

√ Build Partnerships With Several New Projects,

√ DEX Platform That Provides Low Fees When transacting,

√ Combines a reflection mechanism with the distribution of prizes

√ Creating a Platform With a Transparent Working Way

√ Providing benefits to partners through several programs, including:

- Farm

- Staking

- Airdrop program

- Bounty program


Good News for You Guys :

ApeSwap, Establishing Partnerships with @ValueDeFi 🐵

Ongoing :
➡️ $ vBSWAP Listed on ApeSwap✅
➡️ $ vBSWAP - $ BNB Farm💰
➡️ $ GNANA staked to get $ vBSWAP📈

Value 98/2 $ BANANA - Pool $ BUSD coming soon!




Why Choose ApeSwap Platform?

As a Bsc-based DEX platform, of course this will provide security for the assets owned by its users. Because through DEX you can be sure you don't need to be confused about the assets you have, because the funds will be stored in your own wallet, not the wallet provided by the exchange. So if we think about the importance of the security of our assets, of course the definite answer to this problem is the ApeSwap platform.






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