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Blockchain technology has been the most hyped and highly rated technology of the century. Blockchain technology also known as the distributed ledger technology (DLT) has the powers and potentials to revolutionize the entire world in a different ways. This technology is unique and different in such a way that it helps eliminating the manual methods of record keeping, it saves time and resources, it improve security and transparency level of the projects which is the main reason why TOKAPP has adopted this technology in its new communication project.

Presently good communication system is important for the success and development of every projects and it has become increasingly important in order for us to survive and progress in our day to day activities. For the businesses out there, there is need for good communication system between the companies and their clients in order to have a successful business transaction. Also between families, friends and relative there is need for good communication system.


Absence of good channels has been the major problem affecting communication recently. We have seen different channels and apps been developed in order to enhances the communication between people but despite the launch and development of these channels and APPS, communication is still suffering from some difficulties and problems. Some of the problems affecting communication includes: Lack of quality feedback, Email/Inbox Overload, Lack of Quality Information, Insecurity, Lack of Trust, Devices Malfunction and Language Barriers. All these are the major problems needs to be solved and these are the reasons TOKAPP has launched it project so as to bring the changes needed in the communication industries.

As I have mentioned earlier on, TOKAPP project intends to solve the crises rocking the communication industries through the use of blockchain technology. It’s no doubt Blockchain technology can solve the problem of communication because we have the impact and advantages of this technology in some other sectors where applied. Blockchain technology begins to be the most powerful technology in few years ago and the success recorded so far has been observed in which the world and enthusiasts are hoping for global adoption sooner than expected.


The use of blockchain technology by TOKAPP will lower the cost of communications, improve the security, trust and transparency between businesses and organization.
TOK is a decentralized chatting application designed to improve the communication methods of its users through the newly added features such as screen sharing, webinars, advanced location features, video broadcasts and lots more.

Users of TOKAPP will be able to chat with their colleagues without the fear of their conversations been revealed to the outside world which means the chats within TOKAPP is highly secured and encrypted.
Another feature and advantages of TOKAPP is the ability of users to make both the AUDIO and VIDEO call with other users within the APP at a high speed at low costs. If you understand the cost incurred by people on calling their colleagues in the other platform/APPS you will be happy with the TOKAPP platform which has promised to reduce the costs on calls within its platform. Users will also enjoy high quality video conference call without any interference from the network.


Users of TOKAPP within the same location can easily track and locate themselves for business purpose which is why this APP is unique and different from every other one
Another good feature is the integration of crypto-currency wallet within the APP which means users of TOKAPP can easily store their cryptocurrency in the APP.

Some features of TOKAPP includes File Sharing Collaborative Docs, Webinars, Screen Sharing,
TOK APP users will be able to use its own token known as TOK to perform some activities within the platform. TOK token will be used as rewards for users in the APP

Token Supply for Sale=> 325,000,000 TOK
Sales Date=> August 15th 2019
Accepted Payment Method=> ETH, BTC, LTC

65% Allocated to Crowd Sale ICO and IEO
10% Allocated to Core Team
10% Allocated to Growth Fund and Reserved
6% Allocated to Market Penetration
4% Allocated to Board of Advisors
5% Allocated to Bounty and Referrals


32% Allocated to marketing and promotion
27% Allocated to Research and Development
20% Allocated to Operational Costs
7% Allocated to Computer Hardware
5% Allocated to Technology Infrastructure
4% Allocated to Indirect Costs
3% Allocated to API Ecosystem Developers
2% Allocated to Misc



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