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Hello BCNEX community, this is another review on BCNEX exchange project. In my last previous review I have discussed about the importance, quality and objectives of BCNEX project to the cryptocurrency community. Today’s review will be on the ongoing events and activities in the platform such as the SUPER AIRDROP EVENT, BCN SALES EVENT, 6TH ROUND TRADING COMPETITION and UCIM CONFERENCE in HONGKONG

Over the last few days if you have been online monitoring the progress and development of BCNEX you would agree with me when I say it’s an excellent one. The eyes of the world are already on BCNEX exchange project and this has caused spike in the BTC sales session which has led to half of the project's HARDCAP already been raised. If you have been an investor in crypto-currency project in this current period you will agree with me that new crypto-currency projects are struggling to raise funds for the development of their projects. But amidst the issue facing the crypto-currency projects BCNEX has been able to pull through and raised some substantial amount to be able to kick start the development of the project.


BCNEX has been giving rewards to its loyal customers over the weeks and despite the fact that they are still trying to raise money for the development of the project BCNEX never stop rewarding its users. BCNEX just launched a new AIRDROP program called SUPER AIRDROP worth $2,000,000 in XRP. According to the review from the participants and the crypto-currency community, it was discovered that this AIRDROP event by BCNEX is number one of its kind in the history of crypto-currency project in ICO stage. Lots of questions have been raised in last few days regarding the ongoing $2,000,000 XRP rewards by BCNEX simply because majority couldn’t believe a project in ICO stage will give out $2,000,000 as reward for its community members but this is just a tip of an iceberg. If you haven’t participate in the ongoing SUPER AIRDROP now is the best time to join.


Another ongoing event in BCNEX that crypto-community couldn’t stop asking about is the ongoing trading competition for traders. Crypto-communities have always believed that if any project will conduct giveaway its always after the full launch of the project but that was never the case with BCNEX because they have changed that believes by conducting a trading competition during ICO stage.

Another new event ongoing in the platform is the sales of token in BCN Session. This is the another news members have been waiting for over the time. As at the time of this reviews, interested members can easily buy BNCX token through the use of BYTECOIN token (BCN). Majority of the projects always pegged their accepted payment method at only BTC and ETH but BCNEX project has taken a step forward to ensure BYTECOIN holders are able to participate in the ongoing token sales.


The latest news which community members are so happy to hear is that BCNEX CTO will be in attendance at the UNITED CONFERENCE OF INTERNET MONEY (UCIM) in HONGKONG 21st JUNE 2019. This is another opportunity to have an interactive session with BCNEX CTO.

Token Name => BCNX Token
Token Symbol => BCNX
Token Type => ERC223
Total Supply => 200,000,000 BCNX
Token Sale => 100,000,000 BCNX
Token Price => $0.15 - $0.45

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