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Few weeks back, BCNEX exchange platform introduced a reward program for its community in which members and traders have earned some tokens through the reward program. Also within last few weeks, BCNEX introduced a trading program which is been divided into different section, each of the sections have allocated number of ETH as rewards given to traders of BCNEX. Lots of rewards have been earned by the traders of this platform. Today BCNEX is back with another surprise for its community members and traders. Few hours ago BCNEX exchange announced BCNX TOKEN SWAP EVENT program for members of the community in which members will be able to swap their earned BCNX token for XRP. Isn’t this great from BCNEX? The growth and development of BCNEX has sparked the whole crypto-currency community and as a result there has been high demand for BCNX tokens by the crypto-investors.


The ongoing BCNX/XRP swap is designed in such a way that members can swap their earned BCNX token at a ratio 1:1 which means for example if a member is having 50 BCNX token he can easily get 50 XRP equivalent. Cheers
For the success and effectiveness of the BCNX/XRP swapping program, the project has decided to close the earning program in 3 days time, this method by BCNEX will bring more fairness and transparency into the ongoing SWAPPING PROGRAM

The swap event is scheduled to start 09th of JUNE and ends 30th of JUNE which is long enough for whoever that’s interested in the swapping program. BCNEX has given options to users who may like to keep their earned BCNX token an opportunity to do so

As at the time of writing this article, the reward token left to be claimed is more than 600,000 BCNX out of 750,000 BCNX token allocated. Interested members can still register and claim this reward before it closes in the next few days.


I will quickly discuss the easy guideline which members can follow to earn the rewards
Interested members are encouraged to open/register an account on BCNEX exchange in which after that, they are to complete their KYC which wouldn’t take long before the approval provided all documents submitted are correct.

After the registrations have been completed members can select from multiple tasks given in the REWARD program in which each tasks selected is allocated a certain number of BCNX token to be earned. The more tasks completed by the members the more BCNX token earned. After completing the tasks by the members, the team handling the reward program will be allowed to check and confirm the tasks performed by the members. As a result of influx of members into the EARNING program, confirmation of the tasks can take up to 2 working days before the final approval in which all earned token will be added to users balance.

BCNEX has been kind enough to reward members BCNX token for completing KYC, FACEBOOK , TWITTER, TELEGRAM and few other tasks which is very easy to do compare to what’s been experienced by members of the other exchange platform.


With all these been said and witnessed in BCNEX platform, I believed it wouldn’t be hard for any investors and traders of crypto-currency to put their trusts in BCNEX project because BCNEX has come to revolutionize the whole crypto-currency industries.

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