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The most used method of payment and transactions in the past years has been through BANKS which are known to be centralized in nature. The centralized nature of the banks makes it stand as an intermediaries between two or more different transactions. The only means which transactions can be done between two or more merchants is BANKS but these same banks are been controlled by central authority which has been the reasons why lots of irregularities has happening in the system. But today, we are happy to see the new technology known as BLOCKCHAIN which has come to decentralized the sectors and solve all the issues facing payments and transactions
Blockchain technology promises to facilitate rapid, at-ease, low fee global payment processing services via using the encrypted distributed ledger system that offers reliable actual-time verification of transactions and exchanges without the involvement of intermediaries such as correspondent banks and clearing houses.

People believed that the introduction of blockchain technology is mainly designed for the purpose of crypto-currency known as bitcoin but surprisingly today, blockchain technology has gone beyond crypto-currency alone because business over the world have started exploring this technology.


Before the introduction of blockchain technology, business around the globe have faced lots of issues such as slow processing, delay payment, high processing fees and lots more. But the use of blockchain technology in this present era has solve thye problem of the previous system through reduction in processing and payment fees, fast and secured transactions and lots more.

In order to improve the global payment, transaction and exchanges, ALCHEMY has launched a new blockchain based platform which is designed to solve all the issues arising through payment and transactions. I believed there has been some other blockchain global payment platform before the launch of ALCHEMY but the truth is that none of these platforms have been able to solve the problems in the industry.

ALCHEMY blockchain based payment platform is designed to support real-time domestic and cross-border payments at a lower cost. Some global payment platform are designed to allow the use of crypto-currency alone for the global and financial payment which this options has limit users to things and transactions that can be conducted in the platform. But the introduction of ALCHEMY will allow the use of both CRYPTO and FIAT in its system for global payment of goods and services.

Integration of blockchain technology in ALCHEMY platform will allow the use of CRYPTO and FIAT which will help them to bypass the existing banking infrastructure, with the main objective of increasing payment and reducing costs.

Several Traditional Payment Platforms are deviating away from the use of old method into the modern method which involves the use of technology simply because the traditional method is costly and also time consuming. Blockchain technology has been a huge wherever been applied which is why ALCHEMY has introduced this technology so as to reduce the cost and accelerate the transactions
ALCHEMY platform has been the number one payment platform in the PACIFIC ASIA that brings the most secured, convenient and transparent transaction between merchants. It is a hybrid platform that allows the use of both the FIAT and CRYPTO to initiate and finalize transactions between merchants around the globe.


Some of the features of ALCHEMY includes: Offline and Online Transactions, Secured and High Speed Transaction, Reduction of Fraud Risk, Self-Governing Community Ecosystem, Loyalty Reward in The Platform, Flexible Payment Model.

ALCHEMY has also designed its own native token which will be used in the platform mainly for Protocol Fee, Service Fee, Dispute Arbitration Fee, Incentives and Lots more Benefits

Total Supply => 10,000,000,000

51% Allocated to Mining
18% Allocated to Team
18% Allocated to Private Placement and IEO
6% Allocated to Network Mobility
5% Allocated to Ecosystem Incentives
2% Allocated to Consulting Fees

40% Allocated to R & D
25% Allocated to ACHPAY Fund
10% Allocated to Legal and Compliance
10% Allocated to Operation and Support
10% Allocated to Marketing
5% Allocated to Cyber Security



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