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So Called 'Green Cryptocurrency' - Why Is Nobody Asking These Questions?

By XTRM™ | Beta Testing Lab | 18 Aug 2022

Right now we are living in some rather troubling times with the economy, and I do not blame anyone for wanting to dive in head first into something that is new, innovative and could potentially earn wads of fat cash, or cryptocurrency. The promises made from 'Green Technology' companies globally talk of a cheap, clean and efficient future ahead - But with so called 'Green' Cryptocurrency' - Why is nobody asking these questions?

You must have been living under a rock recently if you have not heard of NET Zero and the World Economic Forum (WEF) plans to reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide and so called greenhouse associated pollutants to reduce what is deemed 'The Climate Crisis'. With these plans out of what is being coined 'The 4th Reich'... oops sorry 'The 4th Industrial Revolution' (got to remember what part of history is what sometimes these days), has been born a whole plethora of 'Green Technology' companies, cryptocurrency has not been left out - with this I have now got to be really careful of the censorship doing the rounds on the Internet in what I have to ask you to ponder for a few moments... this regards manufacturing, production and labour within the 'Green Industry'.

Almost everything you possess has a beginning process or stage, 'Green Technology' is not immune to manufacturing processes, these in truth are anything but environmentally friendly. Almost every product within the 'Green Revolution' has a manufacturing component consisting of various plastics, carbon fiber, nano-materials, Rare Earth metals such as copper, gold, aluminium, cobalt, oil, coal, steal foundries, sand for glass that erodes shorelines... these few examples stand in the way far before any factories start churning out products, many of which are technologically inferior to current technologies, do not have a very long shelf life before replacements are needed - and need various other components to go alongside. With that lot being now aired by myself then how about we get an answer to the questions:

Image: Cobalt Mining will become a massive industry during a Green Revolution

Image (Above): Cobalt Mining will become a massive industry during a Green Revolution

1. What is the Mining Footprint going to be during the whole 4th Industrial Revolution? An answer even per product specific would be even better.

2. What will the Carbon Footprint of whole 4th Industrial Revolution? An answer again per product specific would be splendid thanks.

3. What is the Carbon Footprint for global installation within businesses, property, and any other establishment in respect to Green Technology and Renewables?

4. Where are the materials going to be found since factually the planet does not have the natural resources to create products to cater for the planets population without a drastic, huge depopulation program? This question I fully expect to have the old CIA angle of Conspiracy Theorist thrown at me, but in truth it is a very valid question to raise since... well... how do you service 7-billion people with extremely limited global resources?


Image (Above): Raspbery-Pi Solar Powered Crypto Miner - Really Green?

This brings me to the 'Green Cryptocurrency' projects that are being strewn around the Internet lately... are they really any 'Greener' than the regular methods of procuring or receiving amounts of crypto? For instance as in the image above the very basic Raspberry-Pi Solar Powered Crypto Miner is comprised of various elements that have been mined and manufactured via the oil industry, such as the plastics... it is not really very green when one thinks about the processes behind manufacture - this is at the smallest of scale, how about on a huge scale... as there is already???

Are the greener methods of mining Bitcoin (BTC) any greener in the long-run? If there are any differences then the math is very marginal... as for manufacture... well it is just as, if not more, destructive to mine with current technology. There cannot be any other logical or mathematical conclusion to make after the great many destructive processes within the green industry - fact!

I do not doubt that some good people with some fantastic ethics are producing these Green Technologies, and maybe there is a huge scam happening - who knows?

However I cannot help but wonder... just why it is the 'Green Industry' are not prepared to discuss, entertain, or produce answers to the above questions... baffled... honestly...

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